Watching the last episode of Vanderpump Rules, it was clear that James Kennedy said he “hung out” with ex-girlfriend Kristen Doute, but Jax Taylor and the other guys in the cast insisted that he said they “hooked up.”

In the conversation from the episode, James definitely said “hung out,” but what about the other discussions that didn’t make it into the episode? Did he ever actually say that they “hooked up”?

Jax and the rest of the guys came across as total shit stirrers for telling everyone that James said he and Kristen “hooked up” when he was shown saying “hung out.” Jax tweeted at a viewer, “yes you are right that time but like I said you didn’t see the 37378 other times we asked him and we got different answers. You guys don’t see everything. So before you come at me know the whole story.”

In another tweet, Jax said, “He’s was drunk and didn’t know what he was saying and that’s fine.. we have all been their, regardless you have to be accountable for what you say drunk or not. Kristen said she didn’t and I believe her plain and simple but I only talked to James first. So…”

Jax’s Twitter rant continued: “I am just tired of the ‘I was drunk I don’t remember’. It’s all good though @itsjameskennedy and I have squashed this. It’s all good, James and I are very similar and sometimes we but heads it’s gonna happen when you spend a lot time together.”

A “fan” tweeted Jax, “So I’ll take that response as a no u didn’t apologize to @itsjameskennedey?” Jax responded with, “Ok again…. watch reunion.. I don’t know what else to say.”

Another person tweeted at Jax saying, “James can dish out the drama, but can’t take it when it’s being served to him. It’s a t.v. show people.” Jax replied, “He can take it, just overwhelming. He’s fine.”

A different Vanderpump Rules viewer tweeted, “I learned a long time ago to keep my mouth shut…..this is why…of course, it wouldn’t make for an interesting show if that were the case. We like to watch the train wreck.”

Jax countered with, “Keeping your mouth shut doesn’t work in reality TV. I am not saying it happened Kristen said no and I believe her. At the time though a lot was said and you only got to see one of his responses they changed all day.” Did they actually change though? They were all wasted, James has a British accent which could be tough to understand mid-inebriation, and both Kristen and James insist that nothing happened between them, so why would James ever say that it did? Especially since he and Kristen are both in relationships.

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Tonight is an all new episode of Vanderpump Rules. Join us in the comments to snark our way through the show! “After returning to LA, Kristen must tell her boyfriend about the night she spent with James. Sandoval convinces Lisa to throw a “progress party” to show off the TomTom space, and Jax confronts Brittany’s admirer. Tensions finally come to a head at SUR, where Jax has an epic meltdown in front of staff, customers, and Lisa herself.”


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