Carole Radziwill Tweets About Bethenny Frankel Excluding Her From A Charity Gala; Bethenny Unfollows Carole On Instagram

A rift in Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill’s friendship has been teased ever since the trailer for Real Housewives of New York Season 10 was released. There has been some subtle shade in the first two episodes and Carole called out Bethenny in a Bravo blog post, but the viewers haven’t witnessed the friendship drama on the show itself.

To hold you over until the next episode airs, Carole and Bethenny’s beef spilled over to Twitter and this time it has to do with Bethenny’s charitable efforts. During the first episode of Season 10, Bethenny invited Tinsley Mortimer and Ramona Singer to a gala to thank them for being so supportive of her hurricane relief work. Carole was noticeably absent.

When the first episode aired, Bethenny tweeted, “Thank you @TinsleyMortimer @ramonasinger for helping me begin an unprecedented relief effort.” A fan asked Bethenny, “Why wouldn’t you invite Carol to that party ? Even all the girls !” Bethenny responded with, “I had 1 table & brought my relief team. I wanted other tables for major donors. This was business not personal. Ramona & I aren’t bff but she quietly donated early. #bstrong is about the benjamins.”

A viewer asked Bethenny about the other cast members who donated and she tweeted, “Yes, most of the other women donated & matched her marathon raise & donated. This was the very beginning. I am grateful to all!”

A week later, Bethenny explained her absence when Carole ran in the New York City Marathon: “This week @CaroleRadziwill runs the marathon. This was my actual birthday weekend & I spent it in Puerto Rico on a mission. It would have been amazing to see. I have seen the marathon but never been.”

Reading Bethenny’s tweets it just seems like they both had busy schedules and there’s not much more to Carole’s absence at the gala or Bethenny’s absence at the race, but that’s not how it comes across based on Carole’s tweets.

A viewer tweeted Carole, “No I remember hearing her say Carole donated to the cause but she couldn’t make the event because she was prepping for the marathon so that is not true this person is clearly trying to get an apple lol.” Carole quoted that tweet and added her two cents: “Thats not true either…”

Another fan told Carole, “Bethenny tweeted something different last week. Said Tinsley and Ramona donated first. Strange state of affairs.” Carole clarified, “She did? That’s not true.” That same fan responded with, “Yes – in that you weren’t invited to her gala or that event because she only invited Tinsley and Ramona because they donated early and yours “came later”.” Carole tweeted, “My support for bstrong came early and everywhere in between.”

Bethenny may have been the one trying to calm down the situation before the friendship rift is a front and center story line on Real Housewives of New York, but she is the one who unfollowed Carole on Instagram. Was that a coincidental accident or was it intentional?
[Photo Credit: Bravo]
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