Marlo Hampton Attempts To Drag Kenya Moore By Posting Old Text Conversations; Says Kenya Was The One “Chasing After Rich Men”

Even though she is back in NeNe Leakes’ good graces, Marlo Hampton is still feuding with Kenya Moore. Marlo and Kenya have enough animosity that it warranted Marlo’s appearance on the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 reunion even though she isn’t even a full-time cast member.

As per usual, everyone questioned Marlo’s “job” during her appearance at the reunion. She mentioned “Simply Marlo LLC” and told Kenya to Google it. Kenya told her she would only do so if she were “looking for porn.” For the record, I actually did Google ” Simply Marlo LLC” and I am still very confused about Marlo’s occupation. Marlo isn’t setting the record straight on the objective of Simply Marlo LLC, but she did mention that Kenya owes her time and money for her various services as a friend, stylist, and whatever else she did for her while they were on good terms.

Instead of posting actual screen shots of a conversation with Kenya, Marlo tweeted photos of a cracked phone screen full of (alleged) conversations with Kenya. We’ve all cracked a phone screen (or five), but it’s pretty surprising that Marlo didn’t have one of her benefactors replace hers.

But anyway, back to the drama. On April 15, Marlo posted a promotional photo for Kenya’s hair care line along with some text messages that included wardrobe suggestions and pictures of dresses for the photo shoot. Marlo tweeted, “Remember this shoot? You should because I styled it. Even pulled the YSL bracelet out my closet for the finishing touch! Still waiting on my check, make it out to Simply Marlo LLC when your bootleg hair care line finally makes a sale. #rhoa.” How much could Kenya possibly owe Marlo from borrowing a bracelet?

Then Marlo shared photos of herself, Kenya, and Max Azria at a fashion show. She wrote, “You been in the industry all these years, but little ole Marlo’s Simply Marlo LLC got you invited to your first NYFW show, took you back stage to meet the designer Max Azria, used my car service and photographer to give you the #marlotta experience. #rhoa.” Maybe “Simply Marlo LLC” is just one of Marlo’s nicknames. That would make a lot more sense than her running an extremely ambiguous “company.”

Marlo tweeted a screen shot of a conversation (allegedly) with Kenya asking for a purple Birkin purse. She claimed, “You don’t know Simply Marlo LLC, but used my company as your #imageconsultant plenty of times. I located the Birkin, but you never bought it. Mouth writing checks that’s your bank account couldn’t & still can’t cash. #rhoa.” Even if that conversation really was with Kenya, I doubt that she had any clue she was utilizing Simply Marlo LLC or that she was doing anything outside of asking a (perceived) friend to help her find a handbag.

Then things got really weird when Marlo posted a photo of Kenya with a man that I’m 99% sure is Harry Dubin– yes, that Harry who got with most of the New York Housewives- along with some additional cracked screen text message conversations.

In one of the conversations, Kenya (supposedly) told Marlo, “What r u doing. My friend is here and has a rich Jewish guy he’s all over me. I know he’d like you.” Then Kenya (supposedly) wrote, “We are at Lavo between Park and Madison. He has no kids and he’s single.”

Along with those photos Marlo tweeted, “And I’m the one pressed for a rich white man? I date who I’m attracted to, white, black, brown, doesn’t matter. I dated 1 white billionaire for 5 years, I was in a full blown relationship & that makes me a prostitute? You see here who was really was chasing after white men! #rhoa.” Reading that conversation, it just sounds like Kenya is trying to hook up Marlo with her ideal financial romantic situation, but I guess that’s up for interpretation.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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