Dorinda Medley Is Upset With Sonja Morgan For Comparing A Divorce To The D

There are few things more entertaining than a Dorinda Medley freak out. As her friend in my mind, I do feel bad whenever she is upset, but I cannot help being entertained every time she rants against Sonja Morgan– or whoever offended her, but it is usually Sonja.

For years Sonja has been talking about her divorce, her daughter starting boarding school and European yacht parties as if this was all current news. For the most part Sonja’s delusion and confusion is endearing and funny, but Dorinda  had enough of it in the Hamptons. Sonja dared to compare her divorce (which was finalized in 2006) to death of Dorinda’s husband and Dorinda just couldn’t let it slide.

Dorinda was definitely in the right, so I don’t blame her for going off the rails. Months later, Dorinda reflected on the episode in a Bravo blog post. She asserted, “The yearly fall trip to the Hamptons is upon us, and once again it is filled with all kinds of misunderstandings and mistruths.”

Before getting into the Sonja-induced drama, she wrote, “Off to Bethenny’s [Frankel] birthday dinner! Was I late? What I know is we were arriving as we were told (I will explain later). The dinner was fun, and of course Lu’s [de Lesseps] rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ was hilarious and well received.” Spoiler alert: “later” is not in this blog post. Hopefully she explains the cast’s “late” dinner arrival sooner rather than (way) later. Nevertheless, it isn’t shocking that a reality TV story line did not actually go down the way it was shown in the episode.

Then she got to the good stuff: “With all that said, let me get straight to Lu’s brunch the next day. Let me start by saying I had every good intention going into the brunch. I wasn’t going to let anything bother me, but after a half hour of me, me, me and the past again, it got to me. The trigger was and will ALWAYS be this ridiculous comparison of filing divorce papers to burying a loved one. Isn’t one a choice? Isn’t the other, last time I looked, a non-choice, a terrible unwanted ending.” She makes perfect sense.

Dorinda added, “I guess if you are a a completely detached human being you can draw a comparison, but believe me, you would have to be completely delusional.”

She wasn’t playing around when she wrote: “Signing divorce papers—again out of choice—due to lack of trust, love, or loyalty, and then having lunch at Le Bilboquet afterwards, is FAR different to watching a life slip away before your eyes and then making arrangements for his funeral. Why don’t you call Mr. Morgan—cause you can—and ask him if it’s the same. God knows I sure can’t call Richard and will never be able to even see or talk to Richard again.” I would actually love to call Mr. Morgan. I would love to hear his point of view on their relationship.

I don’t know how Sonja anyone would think it makes sense to compare a divorce to a spouse’s death, but Dorinda explained the difference between mentioning her late husband and Sonja constantly reference her ex: “Lastly, yes, I will continue to talk about Richard Medley, my late husband, and honor his legacy for his children, for Hannah, for his friends, and for me! Isn’t that what you do when a loved ones dies?”

Dorinda concluded, “So for all of you that still think that divorce and death are in the same subject line, I HOPE you NEVER need to learn the difference, because I assure you, you will become very clear about it very fast.”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]