Tinsley Mortimer Accuses Sonja Morgan Of Using Her For A Storyline

Who would have thought that Sonja Morgan and Tinsley Mortimer would be debating Tinsley’s attributes as a house guest for two seasons of Real Housewives of New York? Yet here we are. Sonja is still shading Tinsley as a house guest, Tinsley is denying everything Sonja “an anonymous source” planted in the press, and there will never be any resolution.

Clearly, this is something that Tinsley and Sonja will never agree on. Can we just move on? Apparently not.

Tinsley shared her side of the story in a Bravo blog post. She wrote, “Oh, Sonja. There you go again with your revisionist history. I never acted like living with you was a reign of terror. On the contrary, YOU acted like my living with you was a reign of terror. While I was feeling safe in the sanctity of your home, you were out spreading rumors that I was a bad houseguest, that I asked Connor to do things for me (never), that I didn’t bring you coffee or the paper. Sonja, I didn’t want to get in your way. You say and make up things routinely, and it hurts. I tried to make myself as unobtrusive as possible and respect every boundary of your home — you know I did. Instead, you used me as a storyline and made up things to be amusing.” To be fair, this was Tinsley’s sole storyline last season until she got a boyfriend.

Tinsley continued, “And what the heck is Bethenny [Frankel] talking about? Sonja, I didn’t give a party and a gift certificate to sweep my ‘ungrateful behavior’ away. I wanted to thank you for staying at your house, and I wanted to show my appreciation for your kindness. I’d thought long and hard about what to give you and believed a gift card from Bergdorf’s, which I PAID FOR, would be great since you could either use it on yourself or your daughter, and you could pick out whatever you wanted. As you know, my mother also sent you some lovely down silk pillows…which you told people you put in the dog bed. Also, I certainly wasn’t trying to make my picture bigger than yours in the silver frame I gave you. It was the ONLY picture I had of the two of us.” She really didn’t have any other photo? Or at least a different sized frame that wouldn’t crop out the top of Sonja’s head.

Tinsley clarified the intention of her party from last season: “Yes, I know I called it a ‘thank you, f you’ party, but that was in Mexico AFTER I saw the Page Six article about me not being a good houseguest. I was already planning the thank you party when I read what you said. You knew I hated all the horrible press I received from Palm Beach, yet you still wanted the Post to go after me again. What kind of a friend are you?!”

Tinsley continued to call out Sonja: “And Sonja, just like the weekly ‘gay parties”’you say you throw (which I never saw once while staying at your house), you tell lies. I’ve had enough of them being about me.” What about the previous seasons of this show when Sonja had zero weekly parties?

Tinsley explained, “My giving Bethenny’s charity money has zero to do with you. In the time of so much destruction it felt like the right thing to do. Wow, Sonja! How could you possibly spin that into something about you?! Girl, it’s time to get a grip. So much for a good deed.”

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