Gizelle Bryant Says Candiace Dillard Only Talks About Her Mom’s Money; Thinks Candiace Owes Charrisse-Jackson Jordan An Apology

If you’ve been watching Real Housewives of Potomac since season one, it’s expected that Gizelle Bryant will not like the New Housewife. Instead of assuming Gizelle is difficult, let’s play devil’s advocate here. Are they just intentionally casting people assuming that their personalities will clash with Gizelle’s? It is possible, but it is not likely.

Gizelle spent most of last season feuding with Charrisse Jackson-Jordan. She even accused Charrisse of having an affair with a fireman. Now, she is on Charrisse’s side this year. Maybe it just has something to do with seniority among the cast members. Charrisse was blatantly trying to insult new cast member Candiace Dillard by asking if her mother bought her engagement ring. Candiace referred to it as a “shady bitch comment”- which it was. Nevertheless, Gizelle is going to bat for Charrisse and insists that Candiace owes Charrisse an apology.

In a Bravo blog post, Gizelle theorized, “I guess everyone’s drinking sensitive juice.” She continued, “Charrisse asking Candiace if her mother paid for her ring was a light-hearted joke, but it was based in truth.”

Gizelle wrote, “Let’s keep it real: Candiace has spoken several times about the fact that her fiancé [Chris Bassett] has NO money, and she (I mean her mother) has all the money in the world. Like her mother has a money tree in her backyard. So, did Charrisse really think her mother paid for the ring? NO! But Candiace’s mother’s money is all this girl EVER talks about.” Charrisse is just doing whatever she can to earn those Friend of the Housewives paychecks. I don’t blame her for it and it keeps the show interesting. Keep on throwing shade, Charrisse. Candiace will just throw some back.

Charrisse wasn’t the only one who made a “shady bitch comment” during the last RHOP episode. Gizelle low key provoked Ashley Darby when she asked her about her family’s trailer. Gizelle insisted, “Since when is a simple question about a subject that’s already on the table shady? I was genuinely just trying to get to know Ashley’s history a little better. I was honestly just curious. No shade, no partial cloudiness — just sunshine with the breeze blowing. Next time people start telling me about their background, I’ll just say thanks but no thanks!” Was she really trying to “get to know Ashley’s history a little bit better”? Or was she just trying to stir the pot? It seemed like the latter, which made for way better TV. Keep on being shady, Gizelle.

She circled back to the Candiace vs. Charrisse drama. Gizelle maintained, “I said it then and I’ll say it now: Candiace owed Charrisse and apology. Again, I don’t know you meet a group of women who you don’t know, start calling people names, and then expect everyone to like you and want you to be around. Middle school, high school, nor adulthood works that way.” Candiace got out of hand with the name calling, but she is also owed an apology. There’s no way that Charrisse wasn’t trying to cause drama when she asked about the engagement ring.

The drama with Charrisse and Candiace trickled down to Gizelle. She explained, “Since all I heard was way too much talking (I mean screaming) from a person that I don’t know or care about, I’d just HAD IT. Enough!” She concluded, “Just be happy that you’re with the group, be perky, and let us get to know you in silence.” By “with the group” she obviously means on the show.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]