Candiace Dillard Wishes She Didn’t Apologize To Charrisse Jackson-Jordan

When Candiace Dillard joined Real Housewives of Potomac she hit it off with Monique Samuels immediately. Last season, Monique joined the cast as a friend of Charrisse Jackson-Jordan’s. With that said, she expected her old friend and her new friend to get along.

Unfortunately for Monique, that’s not what happened. Charrisse asked Candiace if Candiace’s mother paid for her engagement ring. Candiace described that question as a “shady bitch” comment. Charrisse got offended by the description. Candiace hurled some age-centered insults at Charrisse. And then Monique was left in the middle. If she took up for Charrisse she could be viewed as a bad friend to Candiace. If she stood up for Candiace, she could have seemed disloyal to Charrisse.

Candiace opened up about the friendship triangle with Charrisse and Monique in a Bravo blog post. She explained, “So much has happened since Nemacolin. Relationships can ebb and flow. What I have learned about Charrisse is that she is a sensitive lady and must be handled with care. While I wouldn’t call it jealousy per se, I can definitely see Charrisse being a little cautious of me moving into her territory with her Jersey Girl.”

Candiace was asked, “Do you think that Monique was hanging you out to dry at the second-day dinner like Ashley [Darby] says? ” Candiace answered, “Well, you gotta take everything Ash says with two grains of salt and a shot of cod liver oil.”

She continued, “But, when you peel back the layers and stacks of embellished drama Ashley tends to pile on top of the latest debacle, I’m not sure what to make of Monique’s intentions. I know what kind of friend Monique has been to me from the time we met. I know how she has welcomed me into her home and how her family has welcomed Chris [Bassett] and me into their lives. I know how supportive she has been of me in figuring out the best way to maneuver this colorful group of women. So, I can’t believe after all of that, she would just throw me under the bus for no reason.”

Candiace hasn’t written off Monique. Instead, she gave it more thought and concluded, “What I am more inclined to believe is that she was busy being loyal to her first friend and it left room for me to be ‘left out to dry.'”

Candiace admitted, “It was definitely an eyebrow raiser to watch her sort of waffle throughout the episode (she kind of defends me when the fly fishing group was in the jeep but she kind of let me get talked about…) but I think she felt caught in the middle and didn’t want to have to choose a side.” And clearly, Monique was very uncomfortable actually choosing a side.

Candiace wrote, “I think because she is closest to Charrisse, she, of course, didn’t want to see me beef with her. I think she expected for Charrisse and me to get along and for me to, perhaps, have beef with some of the other ladies. So maybe it was a bit of shell shock when it turned out that her two friends were going at it.” Monique probably hoped that her new pal and her old one would unite and side with her this season, but that didn’t happen. Is there hope for the two of them to bond over their mutual affection for Monique? Or are these two just oil and water?

Candiace tried to smooth things over when she apologized to Charrisse, but now she has some regrets. She confessed, “Full disclosure. After watching the whole situation play out again, I wish I hadn’t apologized to Charrisse. This whole thing happened almost a year ago and I’m over it now but, placing myself back in the moment, girlfriend gave off vibes and she didn’t deserve my apology so soon. I probably would have apologized eventually though. I’m not a complete heathen.”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]