Karen Huger Says Charrisse Jackson-Jordan Revealed Ray Huger Asked For A Divorce As “A Calculated Risk To Draw Attention To Herself”

After Ray Huger’s millions in tax debt came to light, Karen Huger has been very adamant about sticking by her man. That’s why it was so shocking that she admitted Ray asked her for a divorce.

Obviously Karen didn’t just randomly come out with this information. Charrisse Jackson-Jordan revealed it to the group during the last episode of Real Housewives of Potomac. “Messy” isn’t a strong enough adjective to describe Charrisse. This is especially true since she is now a “Friend of the Housewives” instead of a full-time cast member.

Charrisse wasn’t the only one who bothered Karen during the last episode. Karen had a lot to say about Robyn Dixon, Gizelle Bryant, and Ashley Darby in her last Bravo blog post. She explained, “With Robyn, I got annoyed, not upset (there’s a difference), as she frequently jumps into Gizelle’s conversations and it’s frustrating, to say the least. Trust and believe, if I wanted to ask Robyn something I would have. I agreed we should not be name calling but what’s one to do when that is the only language they speak?!” Plus the name calling (usually) makes for a more entertaining TV show.

Before dropping divorce bomb, Charrisse accused Karen of trying to set her up with Blue Eyes. In case anyone forgot-Blue Eyes is the married man that Karen was accused of having an affair with. Karen wrote, “Charisse knows the truth; I would never offer to set her up with a married man. Perhaps she mentioned it to play around and see my reaction. Not sure why she would do that, but maybe she thought it was funny… but it wasn’t, isn’t and will never be.”

Ashley also got in on the Karen Huger rumor spreading during that last episode. Karen remarked, “Ashley knows first-hand that a rumor is frequently based on false information, as is the case here. So spreading this rumor comes down to people talking about BS.”

Ashley and Karen got into it at dinner before she accused Karen of deflecting during her on-camera interview. Karen wrote, “Confronting Ashley is something that was necessary, as I am a “say it to your face” kind of person. Oh, and just for the record that was not deflecting, that was dishing it out!

Then Karen addressed Charrisse’s biggest offense from the episode- the divorce revelation. Karen admitted, “I didn’t expect for her to mention it.”

Then she went in: “However, I’ve known Charrisse for many years and I’m sure it was a calculated risk she took to draw attention to herself; she loves the spotlight.” And now that she’s not a full-time cast member, she really has to earn her camera time.

Karen maintained, “All relationships have ups and downs; it’s the ones that are tried and true that make the journey. We are in the marriage for the right reasons: love and happiness no matter what and learning from moments during your relationship is what makes you who you are as a couple and as individuals. We both stand together – more than 21 years strong!”

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