Scheana Marie Gushes About New Butt; Says She Cut Out Alcohol Sugar

LAS VEGAS, NV - MAY 27: Television personality Scheana Shay attends the grand opening of Apex Social Club at the Palms Casino Resort on May 27, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

For once things haven’t gone to Scheana Marie‘s head – they’re going to her butt instead! She credits changing her alcohol consumption for her new enhanced physique. 

Scheana has long dreamed of being a Kardashian and now brags that her new ‘weight gain’ has only gone to her butt so she couldn’t be more pleased – except that she misses drinking beer. I mean she is an ass, so..

Since you all want to know more about Scheana and her diet and her body parts and her transformations and her working out, the Vanderpump Rules star explains the latest change was pretty much an accident. “I had lost a lot of weight a couple of years ago and I’ve been with [trainer Seth Browning] just putting some weight back on in a healthy way and thankfully most of it went to my ass.”

The happy discovery occurred in Vegas while Scheana was suiting up for her sex show and realized her costume didn’t fit – but only in the butt! Scheana laughs that she “popped the zipper!” Oh, haha! Initially, she believed it was a laundry error, but then wondered, “Did my ass grow overnight?” Apparently, it did – courtesy of 3 a.m. tacos and not at all butt injections!

Despite needing to get new clothes to accommodate her bodacious derriere, Scheana is accepting in a Lala Kent-like body positive way. “I wasn’t mad at it,” she tells Page Six about her enlarged butt, “If I could gain weight in one place in my body, I’d like to gain it there!” (Oh, please – Scheana was emotionally eating post-breakup and started scarfing the ice cream while crying over Rob! We’ve all been there – admit it!)

Scheana’s trainer who knows the truth warns that she better stay away from bad foods and beer if she doesn’t want things to get out of control! “Initially I think the thing we faced challenges with is her being able to stop drinking beer and having a ton of carbs. And then she got really used to eating super clean and then it became unfortunately not eating enough and then actually making sure that there was a way to implement carbs. So it was this kind of fine balance along her journey on tweaking her diet.”

Now Scheana’s goal is to keep “midnight snacking to a minimum” and only indulge once a week.

“I still definitely treat myself with pasta or enchiladas, but not every day,” Scheana shared. “I love my tacos and whatnot, but if I can do it in a healthier way — like I gave up beer, wine, whiskey, champagne — anything with sugar in it, I completely stopped drinking. When I go out, if I drink I will only have a Tito’s with soda or straight tequila. I miss my beer. I love my beer!”

I wonder what Scheana does about having the munchies


[Photo Credit: Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images]