Scheana Marie Shay Addresses 25 Pound Weight Loss; Did She Use Diet Pills?

VANDERPUMP RULES -- Season:5 -- Pictured: Scheana Marie -- (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

If you follow Scheana Marie Shay on social media you must have noticed her body transformation. If you are a fan who has read the comments on some of her posts, you also might have seen Instagram users body shaming Scheana for being skinny. Scheana has also posted a lot of pics with Hydroxycut, which as you would expect, drew in further criticism. Now Scheana is addressing her weight loss and what role the diet pills played in her slim down.

If the Vanderpump Rules season 5 premiere episode is any indication of what’s to come, the emphasis on “summer bodies” and body shaming is very relevant – unfortunately. Weirdly enough, Scheana, a Hydroxycut spokesperson, did not even use the pills to shed the pounds. Wait. What? How does that even make sense?


In a video that Scheana appeared in for the website Wetpaint, she discussed this whole Hydroxycut situation. I figured someone who gets paid to post about diet pills on Instagram would talk about how she uses them to lose weight, but apparently that’s not the case.

The SUR waitress insists that she dropped the pounds the “natural, right way to do it: diet and exercise. No pills, no gimmicks, no anything. I got on a meal plan; I worked out with a personal trainer, six days a week, for several months.”

Again, if you follow Scheana on social media, this does seem like it could be true since her diet and workouts are pretty well-documented. But then again, so are her many Hydroxycut endorsements, so it’s a little hard to follow.

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Scheana clarified that she did not actually use Hydroxycut to drop any weight. Apparently what happened is that the brand contacted her after she already lost weight and asked her to endorse the product. Scheana insists that she said she would do so if she was able to keep it real and say that she uses the supplements for an energy boost and that it is not how she actually achieved her current body.

Scheana emphasized, “I’m not a liar. But, it is a product that keeps me very energized.” Truthfully that’s a little bit unclear from some of her more recent posts, but I don’t blame Scheana for capitalizing on her reality TV fame to make a buck. I would probably do the same thing if I could.

The Daily Dish did some investigation into Scheana’s Instagram history and uncovered her first caption that she wrote out to endorse Hydroxycut: “I did not take this to shed the initial fat.” Instead, she uses the product as a substitute for coffee, and before workouts. Alas, the search for a magical weight-loss solution persists. But in the meantime, see you at the gym?” Props to Scheana for being honest, but I feel like her other posts are a little misleading. Nevertheless, I cannot knock her hustle.


[Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo]