Scheana Marie Blames Weed For Behavior This Season; Blames The Show As Reason Rob Valletta Dumped Her

As annoying as it has been, it’s going to be tough letting go of Scheana Marie and Rob Valletta’s relationship next season on Vanderpump Rules. Scheana’s constant bragging about Rob (and his ability to hang a television in less than 7 seven minutes) has been surprisingly entertaining.

Scheana and the 7-minute man split up after Season 6 finished filming. Now she is dishing on both the breakup and the Rob-sessed bragging that the viewers were subjected to all season long.

In an interview for the Juicy Scoop With Heather McDonald podcast, Scheana confessed, “I haven’t been able to watch that much of the season because it is cringe-worthy. I watch it and I just want to reach in the TV, grab Scheana on Vanderpump Rules, strangle her, and be like ‘Shut up.’” Personally, I wanted her to keep going because the Rob-centered scenes never fail to entertain.

Scheana offered an explanation for the season long Rob fest: “Here’s my excuse and my mom probably hates when I say this: Look y’all, I smoke a lot of weed. I tend to repeat myself a lot. I forget things a lot. I think I was just so impressed by him that I just kept saying it over and over again. Clearly, there are flashbacks. In flashbacks, I felt like I only told that story once, but no I guess I told it like 27 times.” Scheana admitted, “Honestly this breakup was harder than my divorce.” Seriously?

Scheana returned to discussing the perfection of their previous relationship. She said, “Everything from New Year’s Eve- when we started hanging out- until my birthday May 7- those five months were pure bliss.” Heather McDonald asked, “When was Big Bear?” Scheana shared, “July. Shit had already hit the fan.” You wouldn’t know it with Scheana bragging about Rob hanging up the television, driving the boat, and every other skill that he has mastered for a majority of that trip.

Scheana revealed, “He did not want to do the show at all. It was something where he knew my job was to give one hundred percent of my life, not fifty. When he’s the biggest part of my life, for me not to give that not only puts my job at jeopardy, but I’m not doing my job to the best of my ability. He didn’t want the chance of me getting fired if there was a Season 7.”

Scheana blamed the show for the demise of their romance: “Week 2 into filming, Brittany [Cartwright] and Kristen [Doute] sat me down and said there’s a rumor that he made out with this girl.” Scheana admitted, “His switch just went to off in that moment on that phone call.” She added,”Nothing was ever the same.”

Scheana insisted that she she still does not believe the rumors and continued to discuss Rob’s supposed aversion to kissing. She said, “I’m not like in denial or anything, but Rob is not a kisser. Even like a peck.” Scheana added, “He’s the type of person where he’s very, very friendly where it comes off as flirty. He’ll pick up a girl, twirl her around, crack her back.”

Scheana revealed, “After filming wrapped- about two weeks later- he broke up with me.” She revealed, “He just said that basically this world-the reality TV world- wasn’t one he wanted to be a part of. He didn’t like the majority of people on the show. He felt that it was very toxic and that it was impossible to have a solid relationship. He wanted to stay friends and he still wanted me in his life, but he just couldn’t do it because there was just too much pressure.” Scheana even admitted, “I would have given up everything for him” and yes, that included being a cast member on Vanderpump Rules, but Rob wouldn’t let her do that.

Then the conversation turned to another controversial relationship on the show: Jax Taylor and Brittany’s. Scheana questioned Jax’s job offer in Tampa. She remarked, “Oh come on. Was that even a real thing?” She continued, “First of all Jax can’t even form a sentence on his own with proper grammar, punctuation, and all of that. You think that a hockey team is going to invite Jax Taylor to run all of their social media when he can’t even run his own?”

Scheana did have at least one good thing to say about Jax and Brittany’s relationship: “From what I can see, they’re in a very good place. Probably the best place they’ve ever been in. His dad passing away really did change him. I’ve definitely seen a different side of him that I haven’t seen before.”

At another point in the episode, Scheana was asked about the cast members’ drinking habits. After insisting that she isn’t a big drinker in comparison to the rest of the rest of the cast, she said, “Kristen is probably the biggest drinker. She has wine for breakfast, Tito’s and soda for lunch, and beer for dinner.” Wow. Clearly there’s no love lost there. So much for reviving that friendship in the near future…

During a discussion about the Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd opening up a restaurant with Tom Schwartz, Heather asked Scheana, “Are you worried about Tom’s [Schwartz] drinking?” Scheana answered, “I mean, it’s not my problem, but it could be a problem for Ken and Lisa if he continues to go down that path.” Shade thrown. Insinuating that her costars have drinking problems is one way to lessen the spotlight on her former relationship with Rob….

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