Scheana Marie & Rob

Of course I don’t want the current Vanderpump Rules season to end, but at the same time, I cannot wait until the cast gets together for the reunion episodes. One reason is that it seems like almost every woman in this cast has issues with Scheana Marie and I want to see it all play out while they’re all spray tanned and glammed up.

Recently, both Scheana and her ex Robert Valletta blamed the Vanderpump Rules cast for their breakup, so it seems like the bad blood goes both ways. And I want to know why. I want to know every single thing that went down this season and I want to know now. Unfortunately, I have no insider information, but a recent interview with Scheana does make it clear where she stands with most of the other cast members. Well, it is at least clear where she stands with Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute, and Katie Maloney– i.e. not on good terms.

Scheana appeared on Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast to share some insight and behind-the-scenes info on the current season.

Apparently it’s not at all weird for Scheana to watch the episodes with her ex boyfriend/current best friend Rob. She revealed, “We actually watched the first episode together. Lala [Kent] and her man [Randall Emmett] came over. Her brother was in town. We had a couple friends over. It was fun to watch it together, but that was just the first episode. I don’t know if we’re going to want to watch every episode together.”

I would assume they wouldn’t with those cheating accusations and all. But then again, I also assumed that people who broke up wouldn’t be best friends right after, so who knows what’s going to happen.

Scheana continued talking about the similarities between Lala’s man Randall and Rob: “He is a very private person. He doesn’t want that and Rob’s the same way. He and Rob talked a lot before doing the show. Lala’s man will never be on the show. He said if she’s a Housewife, maybe. So if we ever graduate, you may see him.”

I would love to see Lala flipping her hair while she recites a Housewives tagline.

Then Scheana discussed her strained relationship with Stassi. She said, “You’ll see shifts in that up and down. I just think that it’s unfortunate that I do group Katie, Kristen, and Stassi together, but they have so many similar traits and we just don’t mesh well together. It’s like we’ve tried to force this friendship for so long and sometimes it’s organic and sometimes it’s forced. Sometimes they’re just so mean that I’m like ‘I don’t want to be friends with you anymore.’ Sometimes they’re so amazing that I’m like ‘I love being friends with you.’ You’ll see a lot of that this season.”

Scheana theorized, “I think we have very similar A-type personalities. We’re both leaders. We’re both used to being the ones that get what they want. There are a lot of things that we’re so similar with that we just butt heads and we just clash.” She also threw the blame on Katie, Kristen, and Stassi (again) for the drama between the four of them: “With Katie, Kristen, and Stassi, it’s like it is you guys because my thirty other friends aren’t like this. I just don’t think we mesh well.” Clearly.

The former Mrs. Shay stated, “I’ll always love them but I don’t like them for some things they did this summer.” She continued, “It has to do with Rob and rumors, but that’s the game we play with each other.”

Scheana was asked if she would ever appear on her former enemy Brandi Glanville’s podcast. She revealed, “She’s asked me to be on her podcast, but out of respect for Lisa [Vanderpump], I haven’t accepted that offer -yet- because I won’t do anything that could disrespect or upset Lisa. But if Lisa’s OK with it, I would love to do Brandi’s podcast. I think she’s hilarious.” Yeah, I doubt Lisa is ever going to give her the approval to go ahead with that one.

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