Alexis & Jim Bellino with children

Jim Bellino Threatens Legal Action Against Tamra Judge And Shannon Beador

Whatever went down on Heather McDonald’s JuicyScoop podcast with Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador must’ve gone beyond juicy into downright salacious territory, because Jim Bellino has threatened to sue!

Seriously – why years after Alexis Bellino left Real Housewives Of Orange County does Tamra even care about Jim?! Didn’t she find Jesus and her moral compass?

Tamra and Shannon have taken flak for, among other things, suspecting that Lydia McLaughin‘s husband Doug is secretly gay, so you can only imagine what was said about Jim! Reportedly Tamra called him “shady” and suggested that he and Alexis are divorcing for “fake and legal reasons,” alluding to it having something to do with financial problems.

Shannon also allegedly claimed Jim and Alexis were forced to close their Sky Zone trampoline parks after an incident left a child severely injured and they were sued.

Since I haven’t fully listened to the podcast yet (I know, I know… busy week with kids off for summer vaycay, but it’s on my must listen to list for this week!), I can’t completely verify what was said but Jim’s attorney took a break from filing for divorce to send cease & desist letters (or “cist and deceased” as Tamra once called them) to Tamra and Shannon. (editor note: finally listened to the podcast and it seems that a lot of the more scandalous things have been edited out now!)

Jim accused Tamra and Shannon of not only lying, but slandering his reputation with “morally corrupt” gossip that could also inflict damage on his children. TMZ, who viewed the letters, says Jim demands Tamra and Shannon stop talking about him immediately plus issue retractions and apologies – or else he’ll be spending additional time in courtrooms with his exes. Only this time it will be with his ex Real Housewives Of Orange County castmates instead of Alexis.

Tamra has gotten in trouble before for allegations made on Heather McDonald’s podcast when she said Kelly Dodd was cheating on her husband, then named-names about the suspected guy. Jim has also previously threatened legal action against Tamra for mocking Alexis by calling her “Jesus Jugs.”

Tamra – WWJD? Also, does this sound like a PR stunt for Alexis‘ possible return to RHOC, or is Jim really this mad?

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