Luann de Lesseps

Luann de Lesseps Returns To Rehab; Friends Say Lawsuit From Family Was The “Catalyst”

Despite celebrating six months of sobriety earlier this month, Luann de Lesseps has decided to check back into rehab.

Friends and sources say that the lawsuit from her ex-husband and children over a violation of her divorce agreement pushed Luann over the edge. Luann will also miss the Real Housewives Of New York reunion filming to remain in treatment. Priorities, from a housewife? Now I really am shocked! 

Luann, who is apparently no longer working with a publicist, dispatched Bethenny Frankel to make an official statement about her decision to seek help again. “This weekend, Luann was surrounded by her girlfriends and decided — with their support — that in light of recent circumstances, it is the healthiest choice for her not to attend Tuesday’s reunion taping so that she can continue in her healing process. Luann is now surrounded by a core group of people who truly have her best interests at heart and who are working to make sure she gets the help she needs.” What – is Bethenny in PR now, who does she think she is Sonja Morgan?!

Sources reveal that friends and co-stars staged the intervention after Luann had several erratic outbursts in the Hamptons. I’m sure Lu’s new relationship with her still-married agent Rich Super isn’t helping! A friend tells Page Six they’ve worried Luann could do “serious harm to herself” as she spirals further out of control. Initially, Luann reacted poorly to their concerns but ultimately recognized that she needed to go.

“Bravo supports Luann’s decision to focus on her health. She is part of the Bravo family and we continue to stand by her as she copes with this challenging situation,” the network said in a statement to People. “At this time, we hope everyone will respect her privacy.”

Bethenny confirms the lawsuit filed by Luann’s family was the “catalyst to her taking a break.”

Sources tell Page Six that lawsuit “could get ugly” and Luann’s children are pissed over their mother’s decision to suddenly sell their Hamptons home without consulting them. The sale was motivated because Luann is “desperate” to escape the claustrophobic Sag Harbor community where she is constantly coming face-to-face with reminders of her brief, failed marriage to Tom D’Agostino.

Count Alex apparently advocated for legal action over the breach of the trust provision. He blames Luann and a pattern of over-spending, which extends back to their marital days. Sources say he is the reason the trust provision was included in the divorce decree as he hoped to “protect” the kids from Luann blowing their assets.

However, Luann’s daughter Victoria is allegedly taking the lawsuit against Luann very hard – in recent years she’s said to have felt responsible for Luann while she careened off the rails of bad decisions and partying. “She’s very worried about her mom,” an insider shares, adding that Victoria is “level-headed” and works two jobs while also working on her art.

I hope this time Luann is able to get her head on straight and after treatment get in therapy. I also worry what this could do for her Bravo career.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]