Naomie Olindo & Austen Kroll React To Kathryn Dennis & Shep Rose’s Hookups & Ashley Jacobs’ Meltdowns

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 15103 -- Pictured: (l-r)Naomie Olindo, Austen Kroll -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

Whenever I think this season of Southern Charm couldn’t get any better, it does. As per usual, that’s due in big part to exes Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel.

Thomas and his new girlfriend Ashley Jacobs have truly united the viewers (thanks to shared annoyance). Kathryn’s comeback story is easy to root for and she very casually hit us with the revelation that she and Shep Rose have hooked up a few times after her daughter was born. Even Naomie Olindo and Austen Kroll admitted that they were shocked by the Thomas and Ashley fights and the Kathryn and Shep hookups when they were on Watch What Happens Live.

Andy Cohen asked Naomie what her reaction was to ex-boyfriend Craig Conover saying he cried at her new nose. She told Andy, “He did not cry. I think that’s just like a dig at me.”

Then Andy questioned Austen about his love triangle with Chelsea Meissner and Victoria. Andy asked, “Were you and Chelsea officially off when you started dating Victoria in the first place?” Austen answered, “Yes.” He even said that Victoria “went and asked for Chelsea’s approval and it was the very first I had heard any sort of dissent from Chelsea. I thought she was fine with it.”

Andy turned the tables and asked, “How would you feel if Chelsea started dating Shep or Craig?” Naomie couldn’t help interjecting with, “She wouldn’t.” Austen agreed and said, “She wouldn’t- first off. If she did, I would….. I don’t know.”

Andy pointed out the obvious: “I feel like you would be very uncomfortable.” Austen told Andy, “I just don’t think it would ever happen, but hypothetically I don’t think I would be too happy.”

And just like every other Southern Charm discussion this season, all roads lead back to Thomas and Ashley. Andy asked Naomie and Austen, “What’s your reaction to seeing Ashley with Thomas alone?” Naomie admitted, “I cannot.” Austen added, “It’s chilling.” Naomie spoke for most of the viewers when she said, “My jaw still hits the floor every time.”

Of course, they just had to discuss Ashley’s epic meltdown during the cast trip to Hilton Head. Naomie revealed, “I saw her taking shots of tequila before and I could tell that she was revving up.” Once again, Naomie spoke for most of the fans when she said, “Then she started and it was just shocking.” Austen confessed, “Right, so what you saw is not even the half of it.” Now I need to see the footage that they didn’t show. Naomie added, “It was so much worse.” How could it be “much worse” than what we already saw?

Andy asked Naomie and Austen, “What was your reaction to finding out that Shep and Kathryn had dipped back into that a few times?” An obviously stunned Austen started to say, “I…” and after a long pause, Naomie cut in and said, “I did not see that coming.” Same here, Naomie. Austen added, “I did not either.” Naomie said, “They didn’t tell any of us. We had no clue.” Austen added, “Get it.” Oh, they have.

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