Candiace Dillard Thinks Gizelle Bryant Is “Foul, Foolish, & Messy”

That last episode of Real Housewives of Potomac was all sorts of messy. Gizelle Bryant told Robyn Dixon that the other ladies didn’t want to wait for her to get ready even though they said they would.

Charrisse Jackson-Jordan admitted that she invited Kyndall Douglas to events to get revenge on Gizelle for those fireman rumors last year. Candiace Dillard even confronted Monique Samuels for laughing in her face in response to her story about her marital difficulties “being in the spotlight.” There was a lot to unpack- just from that episode alone.

Candiace dished on the last episode in a Bravo blog post. Watching the episode back, she saw that Gizelle straight up lied to Robyn about the Housewives wanted to leave her. Candiace wrote, “At this point, nothing foul, foolish or messy that Gizelle does surprises me. If there’s an opportunity to spread fairytales and fallacies across the nations, she already has the t-shirt, the keychain, and the certification. And of course, Robyn believes her. It’s like Groundhog Day with tacky clothes.”

For some reason it was a major revelation that Charrisse invited Kyndall around to bother Gizelle– even though it was clear as day to the viewers. Even though Candiace is far from being Gizelle’s biggest fan, she’s so not here for the Kyndall nonsense.

Candiace emphasized, “I’ve said before and I’ll say again: Kyndall’s presence in this collective of women is too much. It looks, sounds and smells messy.”

Candiace made a great point: “As much as I am shaking my head at Charrisse for knowingly bringing Kyndall around, let us not turn our heads away from the subject of all this animosity. Kyndall is a grown woman with a full brain and (one would think) common sense. She HAD to know her presence would be contentious and ruffle feathers. She chose to come around anyway.” Is Kyndall trying to make the cut for the Season 4 cast?

She said what a lot of us have been thinking: “In my opinion, it is she who looks the most in need of a glass of water because she made the decision to hang around despite the drama she knew could ensue. If I were her, this group of friends (as a collective) would be the last place I’d be caught dead keekeeing because it just looks so bad!”

Candiace also reflected on her own drama from the episode. Monique did say sorry for disrespecting her and joining Gizelle (of all people) to laugh in Candiace’s face, but Candiace isn’t completely past it. Candiace insisted, “The more I get to know some of these women, the less interested I am in getting to know them. I don’t need and will not beg anyone to befriend me. Especially when I know my worth and how valuable my friendship is.”

She concluded, “The way they behaved is very telling. It’s a show of character and the lack of tact is beneath me. Watching Monique sit and laugh at me with a person who has treated her with such bold disregard is also telling. I received her apology but I don’t forget easily.”

The drama is never over on this show. There’s even more in store for tonight’s new episode at 8PM on Bravo: “While the ladies celebrate Monique’s birthday with a fabulous night of burlesque, Candiace finally uses her vocals to win the women over. Gizelle confronts Charrisse about her involvement in bringing Sherman’s ex-wife around, leaving Charrisse and Monique at odds. Ashley and Karen [Huger] exchange heated words and accusations regarding Karen’s marriage, cause a deeper rift in their already rocky friendship.

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