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Shannon Beador Says David Beador Wants Her To Drop His Last Name; David Speaks Out

Shannon Beador has endured a lot since joining The Real Housewives of Orange County. She put her troubled marriage out there for the world to see and tried very hard to salvage the relationship. I will admit to being annoyed at the beating to death of THE AFFAIR and the counseling and the on and on about David Beador’s cheating. That said, I am happy to see Shannon getting her groove back and moving on with her life.

Shannon sat down with The Daily Dish podcast this week to chat about her divorce, the current status of her relationship with David and more. In the interview, she reveals that David has asked her to drop his last name. She also talked about the grieving process she went through after their separation. David wasn’t too happy and had a few things to say to the press about Shannon dishing on their lives.

Shannon was candid about how emotionally draining filming can be for her. She shared with the Daily Dish Podcast, “There have been so many periods in the last five years where I will film and then I’ll come home and I’ll cry for a week. And now I look back and I see what those moments are.” She continued, “I wear my heart on my sleeve and I’m emotional and it’s real for me so I go home and I cry a lot. That’s just what I do, I cry and then I get it out and then I’m okay.”

On the subject of David, she says that the Sunday dinners together are no longer happening. “That ended pretty much after we announced the separation. We had been separated about five or six weeks prior to the reunion. We wanted to keep everything as normal as possible. As soon as I walked out of that reunion it hit me hard. ‘Wow, this is a reality because now it’s out there’.”

David Beador claims he can’t afford to pay Shannon alimony

Shannon added, “It was a difficult process. It wasn’t a fun six or seven months for me. I literally stayed home. I wanted to process the pain. It would’ve been really easy to go out, drink a lot, date. But I wanted to come out of this whole thing knowing that whether or not I find a new partner or not, I’m going to be okay on my own. So after a lot of tears, and I have to thank Tamra, Vicki, and Kelly, for talking me through a lot of those days, I feel strong today. And I know whether I find someone or not, I’m going to be good.”

Shannon also admitted that she had stayed home for so long without going out that it didn’t take much for her to get wasted in Mexico with the cast. She said she just wanted to let loose and act crazy because she had so much pent up for so long.

On co-parenting with David, she says things haven’t been easy. “It’s a little bit difficult. We’re doing our best. There’s a lot of anger coming at me. The kids are spending more time with David. We’re trying to do 50/50 because I want him to be a part of their lives. I’m hopeful that when everything gets settled that we can be civil.”

Then she drops the bombshell that David actually asked her to stop using the last name Beador! She shared, “It’s been requested from my ex that I’m not worthy of the name Beador, but I don’t know. For the sake of my kids, I think it’s going to stay Shannon Beador. Now I call myself Shannon Storms Beador.”

Shannon Beador talks about confronting David’s mistress

After catching some of Shannon‘s interviews this week, David reached out to Page Six and shared his frustration over Shannon’s press tour (which he had to know was coming since the show was premiering). He said, “I think it’s sad for our children, Shannon chooses to share any aspect of our pending divorce through the press and on Bravo’s different TV avenues and advertisers [sic].”

He then accused her and Tamra Judge of lying about when his relationship with his girlfriend Lesley Cook started. “There are two sides to every story and relationship as everyone knows. I believe most people see through it though. Moreover, her and Tamra’s suggestion that Lesley and I met prior to my separation was a premeditated lie that I’m sure was talked about by the two of them prior to filming that scene. Nonetheless, Lesley is [a] beautiful, amazing, happy [woman] and mother. She and her family do not deserve the negative press those two conjure up.”

He then shades her hard at the end of his statement, “I will always wish Shannon the best and hope she finds happiness with the men she is and has been dating.”


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo