Ashley Darby Denies Lying About Karen Huger Rumors

Yes, the women on Real Housewives of Potomac are stepping it up this year, but it’s Karen Huger and her mysterious finances that is elevating the show to a whole other level. This woman never has a straight answer about anything and it is endlessly entertaining- or at least it is to me.

One person who is not amused by Karen’s shady finances is her costar, Ashley Darby. Ashley is all about stirring the pot and calling Karen out for everything possible.

Ashley claimed that Karen’s go-to man Matt was telling people in Potomac that Karen does not actually live in her mansion and that she actually resides in a townhouse. Obviously, Karen denied that. She also tried to take a dig at Ashley’s credibility, saying she would believe anyone else but Ashley and that Ashley is just “jealous.”

In a post for her Bravo blog, Ashley addressed those jealousy claims: “Say what now? It’s understandable that Karen has trust issues and puts up a wall when it comes to outsiders. Not sure how I’m still considered an ‘outsider,’ but telling lies about Karen doesn’t serve me financially or spiritually – so why would I do it?” For a storyline?

Karen Huger Thinks Gizelle Bryant & Ashley Darby Are “Failed, Comical Liars”

Ashley continued, “This is why it’s hard to forge a deeper friendship with her because it seems as though she only listens to people tooting her horn. I’d be happy to support and uplift Karen if she ever knew how to be authentic. Who’s truth is she really living in? Jealousy is preposterous – if anything, I’m jealous of whoever gave her a new face. Karen looks good for 50 something, but we know it wasn’t all Maybelline.” In Karen’s defense, it isn’t “all Maybelline” for most of the Housewives.

The last episode ended with a Karen-centered cliffhanger, yet again. Ashley, Gizelle Bryant, and Robyn Dixon showed up at Karen’s mansion unannounced with a “pizza to deliver” so they could see if she really lived there. The episode ended with Robyn ringing the doorbell. Will Karen open up the door? Does she pull her go-to move and call security to remove them from the property? Does Karen really live there? And that’s exactly how a cliffhanger works: it leaves us wanting answers to our questions.

Gizelle Bryant thinks Karen Huger has a lot to hide 

Ashley remarked, “In all seriousness, this pizza delivery was meant to be jokingly fun. While it was born from a shady moment, we were ultimately hoping Karen would open the door and we’d all share a laugh – even if Karen threw the pizza in Robyn’s face! It was all in jest about a question that no one firmly knows the answer to. All jokes aside, no harm was meant by the joke. If anyone would like to drive by my house with some cheese-free pizza, I’ll gladly accept!” Yeah, it’s “jokingly fun” to call out someone for lying about her home on a national television show… Then again, why would someone lie about her home on a national television show? I guess we will find out the truth next episode. Hopefully…


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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