Vicki Gunvalson Slams Kelly For Discussing Their Feud With Her 11-Year-Old Daughter; Thinks Kelly Is “Overacting To Create Sympathy And Drama”

Love her or hate her, Vicki Gunvalson is the “OG of the OC” for a reason. This woman always as an interesting story line on Real Housewives of Orange County. During the last episode, she had two. She is and has always pulled her weight on this show.

Yes, she’s been extremely polarizing, but overall she’s given the longtime viewers so much enjoyment. She still has no idea why she offended Kelly Dodd so much even though she set up Kelly’s ex Michael Dodd with one of her close friends, went on several double dates with them, and purposely kept it a secret from Kelly.

At this point in the season, Vicki has not apologized to Kelly and it’s doubtful that will happen since she is still defending herself in the present day. Vicki had a lot of deflections to say in her recent Bravo blog post. She began, “I think it’s important to address some things about Kelly and her being so upset with me.”

During the last episode, Kelly discussed her issues with Vicki in a conversation with her daughter Jolie. Vicki wrote, “First of all, for Kelly to be involving her 11-year-old daughter in OUR disagreement is wrong. In my opinion, Kelly should NOT be asking Jolie for any input in this matter, NOR does Jolie know the entire truth of her father’s dating life.” I’m all for Jolie Dodd becoming the Avery Singer of the West Coast and dispensing some valuable advice to her mother, but it might be a little much to tell Jolie about the friend drama that also involves her own father.

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Vicki insisted, “I am close with Kelly, however I won’t tolerate her yelling at me like I’m her child. I truly believe she is overacting to create sympathy and drama for herself. I don’t get it. Kelly has been dating several men for many months and IS the one who wanted the divorce.” It has nothing to do with who Kelly is dating or who Michael is dating. The issue is your shadiness, Vicki. How many times does that need to be explained?

Then Vicki deflected from the core issue recounted her history of closeness with Kelly’s ex Michael: “To get you up to speed, Michael and Steve [Lodge] became very good friends a few years ago, and Steve and I hang out with Michael more than we do Kelly. During the holidays, we saw Michael quite often, and he hung out with our families while Kelly was out of town with Jolie and even came over for Thanksgiving. I very rarely heard from Kelly during the holidays and didn’t really think it was my place to tell her that her husband was dating someone. Michael was interested in meeting one of my VERY dear friends and wanted us to introduce them. I was asked by both Michael and my longtime friend Teri to NOT tell Kelly they were dating and for me no not get involved. This is where the GIRL CODE began as I honored my friend Teri’s request.” Vicki, you were not “not involved.” You picked a side and it was not Kelly’s.

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Vicki continued her rant: “Teri and Kelly both live in the Newport Beach area, and it was NOT my place to tell Kelly who he was dating. Furthermore, Kelly told me numerous times that she ‘wished he would date’ and that ‘she was over him,’ so I never ever thought she would be upset. Kelly had been dating numerous men for months at this time, so I did not think it was my place to let her know her husband was dating.” It has nothing to do with Michael dating, Vicki. Stop bringing up points that detract from the reason that Kelly is upset.

Vicki insisted, “I really was respecting my girlfriend Teri’s wishes, as well as Michael’s. Teri surely did not want to deal with Kelly’s potential backlash, so I honored her request. That’s it. The tears and screaming that Kelly demonstrated was nothing more than drama and acting like a victim. She doesn’t want Michael dating, but she can? It doesn’t make sense to me. It’s like she wants her cake and eat it too.” She just won’t take responsibility for anything she does, right?

The other Vicki-centered story line of the episode was when Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador drunkenly questioned Vicki’s relationship with Steve. Apparently Vicki is throwing all of her shade at Kelly…. I mean, moving on from that conversation.

She wrote, “At the time we were in MX, Tamra and Shannon did not have the opportunity of really getting to know Steve and I, and I’m OK with that. I’ve chosen to keep our relationship as private as it can be and for them NOT to get involved in our relationship. Because I’ve seen when that happens, nothing good comes out of it.”

She concluded, “All in all, this episode made me laugh and made me thankful for my friendships with Tamra and Shannon.” But not the friendship with Kelly?


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