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At first, I was very invested in this Kelly Dodd vs. Vicki Gunvalson feud. Now I feel like this one argument has really run its course. Just in case anyone managed to forget, Kelly is livid because Vicki set up one of her friends with Kelly’s ex-husband Michael Dodd and secretly went on double dates with them.

Obviously pretty much everyone is on Kelly’s side. As per usual, Vicki refuses to see the situation from someone else’s point of view and she keeps deflecting and bringing up irrelevant facts to detract from conversation. This has happened in every single episode this season. Enough is enough. Kelly might not have Vicki on her side these days, but she has the rest of the cast and the Real Housewives of Orange County viewers in her corner.

Kelly reflected on the last episode in a Bravo blog post. Kelly recalled, “Sitting down to coffee with Vicki, I had a pit in my stomach. I don’t normally fight with my friends. Our last conversation went nowhere, so going into this one, I wanted to make it my mission for Vicki to see things from my side, because I know she would never intentionally hurt me.” Vicki seeing the situation from someone else’s perspective? When has that ever happened throughout the thirteen seasons of this show?

Kelly continued, “But of course, Vicki dismissed my feelings immediately and turned it around back onto me.  Did you see my face?! Vicki Gunvalson is the ultimate blindsider! When she told me that she deserves my respect, I thought I was being Punk’d.”

How does Vicki not understand why her actions were so offensive? Everyone else does! Kelly remarked, “Vicki has gone through two divorces so she, of all people, should know what it’s like. Call me temperamental, but I think I’ve handled my split from Michael like a boss! The only thing that bothers me is when a friend doesn’t have my back. Can I say it again?” She can say it a million time and Vicki will never understand. Ever.

Gina Kirschenheiter Thinks Vicki Gunvalson Was In The Wrong For Keeping Secrets From Kelly Dodd

Kelly shot down Vicki’s constant claims that Kelly is solely responsible for the end of her  marriage. She wrote, “FYI, Vicki loves to throw it in my face that I left Michael, which is not true. Michael and I both decided our marriage wasn’t working, and we made a mutual decision to divorce. I have the emails and text messages to back it up, and Michael will say the same thing.” For someone who always claims that she doesn’t want to be involved, Vicki is very involved in Kelly and Michael’s relationship.

Kelly stated the obvious: “I have a feeling Vicki is taking things out of context and twisting them to make me look bad and to create a bullsh– defense for her actions. Regardless, even if Michael and I have both moved on, it’s not okay for Vicki to keep secrets about her involvement in Michael’s love life. End of story!” Preach.

Vicki did a lot of shady shit, but she and Kelly did make up over coffee, so it was a little bit surprising when Kelly brought up the drama at dinner with the rest of the cast.

Kelly wrote, “Two hours later at dinner…sure, I chose to blindside the Blindsider. I thought it would be giving Vicki a taste of her own medicine, and it was important for her to hear the other ladies weigh in on what went down. The way Vicki was gaslighting me about being upset over it was starting to drive me nuts! I think the way the women backed me up just speaks to my point. I know Vicki got the message this time. Gina [Kirschenheiter] sent it loud and clear!” Yes, she did. Did that actually help Vicki understand Kelly’s point? No, of course it did not.

Then Kelly explained her date that showed up in the middle of the cast dinner: “As you saw in the episode, my invite to dinner was very last minute, and I had already made plans with Rick. I met Dr. Rick Paicius through friends in Aspen, and we totally hit it off. He texted me he was two minutes away, and since we were finishing up, I invited him to come meet me at the restaurant. It was not my intention to flaunt him in front of the other girls, despite what Vicki might say.”

Kelly insisted, “If I wanted to throw it in their faces, I would have gladly admitted it.”

Then she concluded with some shade: “I have great taste. My first husband was an attorney who went to Duke University, and my second husband, Michael, was a very successful and educated businessman. Unlike Vicki, I date very smart and successful men. Could she be a little bit jealous?”


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