Brandi Redmond adopts Bruin

Get out of the way, J.R. and Sue Ellen! My ladies from the Real Housewives of Dallas are back! Like a bottle of Jesus Juice, these gals just get better with age. This week’s season premiere did not disappoint with Brandi Redmond’s precious new baby boy and LeeAnne Locken’s newfound zen. The flashback clip of “They’re JUST HANDS” never gets old, so that must be why it was shown umpteen times throughout the episode.

D’Andre Simmons feud with her frightening mother is going to be highly entertaining, and a fourth anniversary celebration is the perfect place to highlight their dysfunction. Y’all, it’s just going to be so, so good. So good.

After Wednesday night’s show, the cast didn’t take long dissecting the drama. Taking to her Bravo blog, Brandi begins, “Hi, Y’all, we’re back… thank you for taking time to continue to support us. I also am tremendously blessed by my family and the journey that we’ve gone through. Again, thank you all for your love and support and blessings of well-wishes along the way,” adding, “To all those parents sending their little ones off to school, I’m in tears and a bottle of Jesus Juice with you. Much love to you all and blessings to your little ones and their journey.”

Brandi Redmond announces an addition to her family

Focused on LeeAnne’s meditation mania, Brandi writes, “So let’s get to it, LeeAnne Locken and this amygdala theory… Well hello, LeeAnne, this explains a lot. You have lied for your own gain so much that it would make sense that you would blame your amygdala. You might have researched this a little more before you blamed your behavior on this gray matter in your brain. In fact, because of lying, it doesn’t trigger your sense of right from wrong, nor does it help you relate to others so you become a person that truly believes your own lies. Look it up, and you’ll be shocked at your own lie. So with that said, I give LeeAnne the benefit of doubt because maybe like her panty liner and weave being tired, maybe her lying is too. Just sayin…”

Switching gears, Brandi gushes, “On a more blessed and beautiful note, baby Bruin is doing amazing. We are adjusting as you can see but so thankful and excited for this amazing miracle in our lives. Seeing Stephanie Hollman meet Bruin for the first time made my heart skip a beat. We truly love each other and our families as if they are our own. Stephanie, too, is a blessing in my life. I love her to pieces.” I kind of feel like Brandi should have discussed precious Bruin before LeeAnne’s brain matter, but she’s a scatterbrain like myself with a diagnosed attention deficiency (also like myself).

ADDressing (see what I did there?) D’Andra’s harsh words about her prescription, Brandi reveals, “On to D’Andra Simmons, I have always admired D and her philanthropy. I was honestly shocked at her claim about me abusing Adderall. It made me feel disgusted because she had not taken the time to question me, get to know me or find out if I had even remotely had a problem – she should have come directly to me out of concern. It didn’t seem like the person that I thought she was for so long.”

She continues, “I honestly didn’t know D’Andra would have even cared if I didn’t attend her event. I was upset about the accusations and also extremely busy with baby Bruin on my brain 24/7. I don’t know if D’Andra knew or not about me being upset but she probably got the hint after not hearing from me. I apologize now for not making a better effort – in that moment I decided that after the anniversary party was winding down, I would pop in… Surprise, I’m here!”

Brandi concludes, “Doesn’t everyone like my surprises?” Yes ma’am, we certainly do!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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