Jax Taylor Is Working On A Business Venture With Lance Bass

Pretty much every reality TV star has a capitalized on the exposure by starting a side business… or several side businesses… or at the very least an attempt at a side business. A person can’t survive off of sponsored Instagram posts and a reality TV salary forever- or maybe they can. That remains to be seen.

Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor recently revealed that he has a business venture in the works with Lance Bass. As of this moment, he has not said what the business is, but he did rule out one obvious guess.

In an Instagram post, Jax teased, “Our first business meeting so excited for this new project !!! #staytuned #pumprules #xmarksthespot #season7.” That post revealed nothing, but looking at the photo, it’s very clear that they all have one thing in common: blindingly white teeth.

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Jax shared the same photo on Twitter and joked, “Today was our first business meeting I can’t wait till you see what we are working on!!  it’s not teeth whitening I swear.” If teeth whitening was the business, I would definitely buy it from anyone in that photo. Those are some perfectly white smiles right there.

Jax’s Vanderpump Rules costar Lala Kent quoted his tweet and added “Proud of this f**king guy. My friends are doing good shit that deserves recognition. Get Em boy!” Lala is not easily impressed, so this is really building up the mystery. When will we find out what Jax has in the works? Most likely not until Vanderpump Rules Season 7 stars airing.


[Photo Credit: Instagram]

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