Kelly Dodd: “If You Have An Issue With Someone Else’s Husband, Take It Straight To The Source”

Being the new girl on Real Housewives of Orange County just makes you an easy target- especially when most of the other cast members aren’t bringing entertaining story lines to the table.

Just ask Emily Simpson. Her husband has been a constant topic of conversation, even though Gina Kirschenheiter is the only Housewife who has met him at this point in the season. That’s about to change during the next episode when Shane Simpson finally meets the ladies and gets into it with none other than Kelly Dodd. We don’t really “know” Shane yet, but pretty much any human being would be in over his head in an argument against Kelly. Good luck to him. He’s bound to need it.

Kelly shared her thoughts on the last episode in a Bravo blog post. For the most part, there hasn’t been much conflict between the cast members, but RHOC veteran Tamra Judge has been milking this Shane yelling at Gina post-poker night situation for as much as she can. Very few Housewives can stir the pot like Tamra.

Kelly Dodd Weighs In On The Drama Between Gina Kirschenheiter & Emily Simpson’s Husband Shane

Kelly wrote, “Tamra was right when she said the conflict surrounding Emily’s marriage is the perfect example of a ‘game of telephone.’ Something that was said one way completely morphed by the time it reached Emily , and it seemed like another opportunity for the group to make a mountain out of a molehill.” The irony of Tamra saying that is just too good since she is the one who went out of the way to keep this story line alive.

Kelly admitted, “I felt bad for Shannon [Beador] at lunch, because I think Tamra came across harsh toward Shannon and wasn’t getting her point across the right way. I also understand Tamra’s frustration, too. I just tried to be Switzerland and not take a side.” Oh how Kelly has grown since her first season on this show.

Kelly said, “I like the way Emily and Gina hugged it out and moved on. That’s the way adults should resolve conflicts—not storming out, crying, and throwing a tantrum.”

Then Kelly discussed the cast golf outing. She joked, “Golf may have an etiquette handbook, but this group of women does not. If you ask about someone’s marriage, you’re nosy. If you don’t ask, you’re selfish. If you try to be insightful by talking about your own marriage, you’re projecting. I think the best is to just not say anything or make any assumptions at all when it comes to marriages and husbands, and insert jokes whenever possible.”

She concluded, “You never know what goes on in someone else’s relationship! And if you do have an issue with somebody’s husband, take your complaints straight to the source. More on that next week…” Now that looks like an episode worth watching. I cannot wait to watch that Kelly vs Shane encounter.


[Photo Credit: Bravo ]