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Ashley Jacobs Wants To Return To Southern Charm For A “Redemption Tour”

Oh PUH-LEAZE. Just in case you thought Ashley Jacobs would go quietly back to California to SAVE PEOPLE’S LIVES as a nurse, you’re completely wrong! She’s begging for a chance to be allowed to return to Southern Charm and redeem herself. She also thinks the other cast members would welcome her back! Bless her heart…

It’s been obvious as of late that Thomas Ravenel and Ashley will do anything to stay on TV: breaking up, making cheating accusations, apologizing to Kathryn Dennis, and getting back together and possibly engaged, but now Ashley isn’t trying to hide her intentions. “I wish they had the decency to contact me and give me a chance,” Ashley complained about Bravo, “because I would like to have a redemption story, the same way Kathryn did.” 

Except people like Kathryn… and felt she was wronged by Thomas, and you know she also wasn’t COMPLETELY BATSHIT INSANE.

It’s also strange that Ashley wants to return to Thomas or Southern Charm given that she blames them for making her look unhinged! “I’m quite critical of myself already but when I see bad things I’m like, ‘Shoot, darn, that’s not how I am. And I want to go on the show again to show people who I really am.”

“I never had the chance to do that,” Ashley insists, “because I was so wrapped up in Thomas’ drama. I was the villain, but people tuned in to watch. ” Oh trust – we saw plenty!

Part Two Of The Southern Charm Reunion: Who Let The Crazies Out?!

If given another chance Ashley promises, “I’m not going to fight and I’m not going to play dirty. I’m going to smile and be nice. I’m happy to go there and say to Kathyryn, ‘I’m sorry. I know exactly what you went through.’ Not to kiss her ass but I’m trying to say, ‘Hey, I get it.’ And the people who were on the reunion — they were more concerned about me than anything. Cameron, Chelsea, even Craig. They’re concerned about me. So I think they’d be open to me.” Mmmmmm…., again, bless her lil heart….

This all seem to be a crack pipe dream, because Ashley acknowledges “it’s still up in the air” whether or not Bravo wants her back. She’s just putting her touchy-feelers out, you guys! She’s nice! She swears! She wouldn’t hurt a fly! LOVE HER.

“I’ve heard talks that I’m coming back and then I haven’t heard anything. They haven’t asked me and they haven’t said no to me. Someone had told me people who aren’t under full time cast members, they wait until the last minute, so maybe that’s it? They don’t owe that to me, of course,” Ashley begs.

Is it worth it? I don’t know,” she admits to People. “I can’t really cross that bridge until it comes. But I’m in a good place now.” Ashley – you have crossed the bridge. It wasn’t worth it. The trolls want a refund.

If Southern Charm doesn’t come groveling, Ashley would LOVE to do The Bachelor. That makes complete sense, given that she might be engaged to Thomas and all…

More likely Thomas and Ashley will end up on Marriage Boot Camp where reality star careers go to die.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]