Vivica A. Fox Says Kenya Moore’s Immaturity and Toxic Drama Is Ruining Her Career!

vivica a fox at the nbc universal tour in a blue dress

Phonegate rages on! Last week Kenya Moore was fired from Celebrity Apprentice for stealing Vivica A. Fox‘s phone. Although Kenya denies it Vivica is having none of “toxic trick”‘s excuses and calls her out on negative behaviors and illogical behavior! 

“It’s basically proven she [Kenya] stole my phone and hacked into my Twitter account and put out an awful message in a language I do not speak about myself in… period,” Vivica insists. “I mean, we’re not teenagers; we’re grown women. C’mon, you lost, grow up.” 

“It’s her motto to divert from the truth, throw out insults and do the mean girls thing,” Vivica lamented. Vivica also points out the irony of Kenya making fun of menopause, given their closeness in age.  “I don’t why she does that – I mean, she’s only 6 years younger than me! We’re in the same generation. But this is what she does: divert from the truth.”


As for how Phonegate came to be, Vivica says she was distracted and didn’t realize initially – however she insists it was completely unscripted, at least from her side of things! “I can tell you it was all authentic. The only person who planned anything was Kenya, who was a snake in the grass, and a conniving and toxic individual,” Vivica seethes. 

Vivica continues,”She’s the common denominator of all the drama with all women from myself, Kate Gosselin to The Real Housewives of Atlanta with her feuds with NeNe Leakes, Porsha Stewart and Phaedra Parks. That’s how she’s building her career; and it’s sad.”

“That’s not my choice: I was there to work hard and raise money for my charity. I can raise my head up high,” Vivica says. “And after that, I get to go back to doing what I do: starring in movies, TV and building my brand. I have a wonderful career.” Vivica says since last week’s drama she has been approached for many more opportunities. “I got calls from Empire’s Lee Daniels to Kevin Williamson,” she recounts.

Queen Latifah showed up to my viewing party. People know the kind of person I am and that’s why they were rooting with me. I’m an international movie star and she’s just… I don’t know what she is.” Why, VivicaKenya is a FORMER Miss USA – the first, errrr… second black, Miss USA, and she also has an internationally acclaimed booty and a Academy Award winning production company, and her boyfriend is African royalty! 

“All she’s done is win a beauty pageant title and all the movies she claims she’s done, well, none of us have seen or heard of them,” Vivica tells the Toronto Sun. “If she wants to build a career on being a toxic mean girl, all the best.”

Vivica shares that although Kenya was a nightmare to work with. And although they have not seen each other since Kenya’s elimination, Vivica does not feel nervous about the possibility of working with her again in the live season finale which airs next week.

On the positive, Vivica does count her “toxic trick boardroom showdown with Kenya” as one of her favorite moments of the show. And mine too! 

Vivica, who will compete to be in the final two on tonight’s episode, said she learned from season’s greats of the past (like Star Jones!) on how to play the game! “My plan was to play really smart and not create any drama – and it worked out for me. I’m used to being a team player because I’m in movies, especially as a producer on films; I’m used to working with people — not against them.” 

I’m actually kinda sad because Geraldo Rivera vs. Ian Ziering was my desperate hope for the finale! Screw Kenya, Brandi, and Vivica – oh the drama queens those two are. 

Tonight Celebrity Apprentice airs a recap of all the hirings, firings and feuds, and then will be an episode to determine the final two. Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the second hour of the show! 


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