LeeAnne demands Rich set a date

Sometimes it’s entertaining watching a Real Housewives friendship fall apart. Other times, it is just too tough to see genuine relationships break down in such a public forum. It’s very clear that former best friends LeeAnne Locken and D’Andra Simmons are not friends these days. There is some very obvious tension on every single Real Housewives of Dallas episode so far this season, it just hasn’t quite come to a head…yet.

In the mean time, we have been stuck analyzing passive aggressive conversations, shady interview comments, and digs on social media until this story line truly unfolds.

LeeAnne shared her take on the last episode of Real Housewives of Dallas in a Bravo blog post. She wrote, “Going to talk to Mrs. Lock after my date, I was excited to share how Rich [Emberlin] had reassured me of his desire to not only marry me, but to grow old with me. Listening to D’Andra Simmons’s reaction makes it so very clear that my impending wedding seems to be threatening her. No matter what I say to her about Rich she refuses to accept that he loves me. It makes me sad that her definition of love is so rigidly defined that she can’t accept our version of it.”

D’Andra has taken issue with LeeAnne and Rich’s relationship and LeeAnne has some apprehension about D’Andra’s instant friendship with Brandi Redmond. They went from not speaking the first couple episodes of the season, to turning up, and having fun in a minute and a half- or at least that’s what it feels like.

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LeeAnne wrote, “When I brought up my fears about Brandi to her, she was already well aware of the fact that I did not TRUST Brandi to keep up her end of peaceful.” She later wrote, “I had a very strong fear that their friendship would be a welcome distraction from dealing with her mother and figuring out what to do with her career. I shared how deeply I have been hurt by Brandi so that she would understand my fear of her getting hurt. I knew that by stepping up and sharing this fear with her it would create two possible problems for me 1) She would tell Brandi and it would stir negative feelings between us and 2) She would think I was trying to stop them from becoming friends.” Both of those things did end up happening.

LeeAnne maintained, “The truth is, I was simply saying ‘Don’t go off riding a horse without your saddle!’ That’s all! At least the conversation ends with my REAL INTENTION….’proceed with caution.'”

LeeAnne did have one nice thing to say about Brandi though: “I do think that it was incredibly thoughtful for Brandi to grab that necklace and save it for her birthday present from all of us. This is the side of Brandi that makes me miss her friendship. But we all know this feeling is fleeting!” Very fleeting.

She wrote, “Ok, Brandi, after all the CRAP you have talked about me tonight to see you in confessional saying you thought we had moved forward is the REASON I warned D’Andra to be cautious! You can’t talk shit about a person all episode and then say ‘I thought we were moving forward!’ WALK THE TALK!” Fair enough.

LeeAnne insisted, “I NEVER told D’Andra not to be friends with you. If you really listen to D’Andra and Brandi they are already telling you how they feel about me. D’Andra just said “I may not be her best friend after tonight.” Because I gave you a lap dance? Sadly, I can feel my heart starting to crack and the pain of once again realizing that what friendship I thought was there NEVER WAS!”

She joked, “Listen y’all, I got #whitegirlwasted at Billy Bobs and I don’t care. I don’t have a legacy name to protect. I mean, can a girl just prove that white girls can’t dance without being judged, Brandi? I am pretty sure Dancing with the Stars is calling me for next season after those moves! LMAO.”


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