Stephanie Hollman Condemns D’Andra Simmons For Cheating Accusations Against LeeAnne Locken’s Fiance

Real Housewives Of Dallas is going down and dirty and the ladies are dragging all the cats out of the bags. Last week D’Andra Simmons accused LeeAnne Locken‘s fiancé Rich of cheating. Speaking out in defense of LeeAnne and Rich, Stephanie Hollman totally condemns D’Andra’s actions. As she should!

Stephanie is tentatively dipping the toe of her Manolo’s into a friendship with LeeAnne, but her biggest obstacle is BFF and ‘soul sister’ Brandi Redmond. However Stephanie is all about transparency this season – she’s the plastic jellies kinda friend, y’all!

“At the painting party, I wanted to update Brandi on my relationship with LeeAnne because I don’t ever want her to think that I am doing anything behind her back. They have their issues, but they are just that, THEIR issues,” Stephanie clarifies. “I have really enjoyed getting to know LeeAnne more this year and I am grateful for our new found friendship. I appreciate Brandi understanding that I am my own person and while I might not always agree with both of them, I can still have friendships with each of them.”

Stephanie has learned the hard way to stay out of a friend’s marriage – especially on reality TV, which is why she is speaking up to defend LeeAnne against D’Andra’s salacious accusations. “Normally, I like to mind my own business and stay out of situations that have nothing to do with me, but there has been an ongoing conversation that I have a strong opinion on,” she writes in her Bravo blog. “I do not think that it is EVER okay to speak on someone’s marriage or family. If you have a concern about someone’s home life, that should be addressed in PRIVATE and come from a place of compassion.”

Calling out D’Andra directly, Stephanie chastises, “A reputation is very fragile. When you gossip, you are helping to destroy something extremely valuable to that person by putting a label on them. D’Andra, you know I love you and I think of you as a very good friend, but this is a narrative that I cannot support!” Amen, Steph!

Tonight D’Andra and Brandi stir up trouble by crashing LeeAnne’s charity event. And we know how LeeAnne feels about the char-rit-teeeee scene! Stephanie finds herself in an strange lunch with Kameron and LeeAnne. Then Brandi learns that Cary has tattled to LeeAnne and feels that her trust was violated by a friend – and faces a red-headed wrath that LeeAnne knows all too well! Finally the ladies find themselves all together at a charity event where LeeAnne questions Brandi about her adoption and Brandi fires back with questions about LeeAnne’s delayed wedding! Should be nice, polite, southern company.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]