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Tamra Judge puts the “real” in Real Housewives of Orange County. Even she has to admit that Season 13 hasn’t been the show’s most exciting season- at least at this point. Sure Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson got into that argument about the double dates and Kelly got into a screaming match with both Emily Simpson and her husband Shane Simpson, but pretty much nothing else happened all season.

On top of that, with Emily and Gina Kirschenheiter joining the show as new Housewives, it’s been a pretty tough transition. They have spent so much time “introducing” them to the viewers and not enough time showing them as integrated members of the group. Short story long, there just hasn’t been enough drama. Thankfully Tamra promises that things are going to heat up.

During a recent episode of The Talking Queens podcast, Tamra kept it real and admitted, “It’s a little bit of a snooze fest right now, not gonna lie. We heat up midseason, which is about an episode away. I think when you bring on two new girls to the show, it’s difficult to get to really know them. It’s hard for the viewers to get to know them and there’s a lot of like ‘Let’s recap on your family and your kids.’ Boring. Boring. Boring.” She hit the nail right on the head: Boring. Boring. Boring. That is such an accurate assessment.

Tamra promised, “So it’s about ready to heat up.” She added, “We go to Jamaica. I can’t really give anything away, I would get in trouble. I’m so tired of getting in trouble. I really am.”

Unfortunately Tamra did not share much about what we can expect, but she did she her perspective on some of the storylines we’ve seen throughout the years. She doesn’t really have any regrets though. However, she did admit, “Going through a divorce on national TV was not fun. That’s for sure. Not ideal. That was tough.”

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Tamra remarked, “Definitely, I always want to say throwing wine in Jeana’s [Keough] face, I shouldn’t have done it, but I totally should have done it, right? Let’s do it again.” That scene was nothing short of iconic. That GIF has will be eternally useful. A true classic. There’s no real reason to regret that. Sorry, Jeana.

Tamra discussed what it was like to film her wedding in 2013. She confessed, “We were really scared about that. We were sneaking, ‘You know what, we’re gonna get married on TV with cameras. It’s probably not going to feel as special to us as it would be if they weren’t there.’ So our plan was to go ahead and get married and then we were going and have another ceremony down in Cabo or something like that. Then we totally forgot that there were even cameras there and it came out beautiful. And we’re like, ‘No. We can’t redo this.'”

Tamra shared more details about her marriage with Eddie Judge. She declared, “We rarely fight.” She explained, “I think we are a lot alike, believe it or not. I think we’re both pretty easygoing. I don’t have to keep track of him and I’m not that person. I’m not hounding him. He does his thing and I do my thing. We have respect for each other and love. He’s good with the kids.”

She was asked to name the thing she loves the most about Eddie and she immediately answered, “His BMW.” Wait. Really? His car? She then explained that she meant that as an acronym which stands for “big, Mexican weenie.” She also clarified, “He doesn’t have a BMW. He drives a truck.” Who’s even thinking about cars at this point?

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