90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Star Rachel Shares….

Rachel Walters recently spoke with reality show blogger John Yates and shared updates on her relationship with husband Jon, and coping with life as a reality TV star. On the Instagram live video, Rachel also spoke about the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Reunion most infamous moment; her heated exchange with fellow cast-mate, Angela Deem.

Rachel explained that she was upset at the time, but holds no grudges about the fight because she felt that Angela was looking to lash out and wasn’t personally angry with her. John Yates complimented her repose in the face of Angela “going full Maury on you.” Rachel said “she made me mad and disrespected my relationship. I wasn’t scared of her, more angry.” When asked if the cast could hear Angela ranting backstage, Rachel said, “she did holler all the way out but they didn’t air that.”

Angela did apologize afterward, and Rachel harbors no ill will about the incident. She said that Angela was staying at the same hotel as Rachel and the friend she brought to help her care for Lucy. Angela ran into Rachel’s friend outside the hotel and sent her apologies via the friend as a middle man.

There are no new updates about the visa process since the reunion.  The couple has yet to apply for the visa because they cannot cover the cost to apply and retain an immigration lawyer. Mistakes or filing incorrectly could lead to application denial, so Rachel is adamant about needing an attorney and named a staggering amount of $10 or $11k.  Fans eager to help Jon and Rachel had started two GoFundMe accounts, but the couple asked that they be taken down.  Rachel explains, “it feels wrong going on TV and then saying oh can we have your money.” Instead, fans can request a personalized message from Jon or Rachel using the Cameo app for a minimal fee.  Rachel prefers to give back to her supporters rather than just taking donations.

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Rachel and Jon have continued to make the best of their long-distance relationship. Jon is still living in the UK on Albuquerque time.  Despite the separation, Jon is still emotionally present and was a phone call away to comfort Rachel when she was upset after some ruthless trolling.  He read her supportive comments from fans until she fell asleep.

The couple will be seeing each other again in December of 2018. Rachel travel plans hinge on dates when her elder daughter Ella is with her father for his visitation.  She plans her trips to the UK in May and December of each year accordingly.

The exposure the show has given her has been mostly positive and Rachel enjoys being recognized. Describing her eagerness to be part of another season, Rachel said, “it’s been a blessing in disguise, in a sense.”


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