Cary Deuber Says Dallas Housewives Are “Fighting For The Sake Of Fighting”

During the earlier episodes from Real Housewives of Dallas Season 3, it seemed like Cary Deuber was channeling her inner Sheree Whitfield as the bone collector of the Lone Star State. She was on an “honesty kick” which included telling the Dallas Housewives what was said behind her back.

Eventually that truth telling streak came to and end after a conversation with Stephanie Hollman. She agreed to just be “honest” about her own feelings instead of conveying what was said by the other Housewives. Now she is the Switzerland of the cast and the perfect neutral party to invite the rest of the ladies to Copenhagen, Denmark- although, we all know that production really “planned” this trip.

Cary did not name names during her last Bravo blog entry. Again, she has become the Switzerland of the cast, but she did address some of the major storylines of Season 3. She opened with, “Welcome back to another alcohol-fueled week.” This clearly alludes to the triangle of alcoholism accusations between LeeAnne Locken, Brandi Redmond, and D’Andra Simmons.

Cary continued, “Seriously, enough is enough. All of these girls like their cocktails, all of these girls all function perfectly effectively in their daily lives and meet all of their individual responsibilities. To me, that means that not one of them is an alcoholic.” THANK YOU, CARY. This storyline is ridiculous, malicious, and possibly harmful to everyone involved. Using the word “alcoholic” is a very big deal.

Cary spoke the truth: “At this point, it’s obvious that people are just getting really pissed at each other. It’s like you forget the logic of the fight and are just fighting for the sake of fighting and winning or destroying the other person.” Of course they are. Every one of these women wants to get asked back if Real Housewives of Dallas makes it to Season 4.

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Cary declared, “You can always choose to focus on the bad, but it’s so much better and more productive to focus on the good.” That is a great sentiment for real life, but not so much for reality television. There are very few reality shows that “focus on the good.” Or at least there are very few that people are actually watching those shows.

Cary concluded, “So, I really hope these girls can calm down about their silly war. This trip means the world to me. I really hope to share it with people who can be positive about it too. I am ready to settle into my happy place in a sleeper seat and have that glass of champagne.”

Everyone knows that a Real Housewives cast trip (usually) means an increase in the drama. Sorry, Cary. At the very least, it should be good for ratings and increased interactions on social media.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]