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Sheree Whitfield Embraces Her New Role As The “Bone Collector” On Real Housewives Of Atlanta

If I lived in Atlanta, I would never trust Sheree Whitfield with one of my secrets. This woman is all about stirring the pot by telling everybody who said what and about whom. With that said, I do not live in Atlanta and I do not know Sheree, so as a Real Housewives of Atlanta viewer, I am happy that Sheree has taken it upon herself to make story lines happen. Thanks to her constant messiness, her co-stars have given her a nickname as the “Bone Collector.”

Most people would hate to be known as someone who shares confidential information and spreads gossip, but Sheree fully embraces this reputation. And you know what, I get it. There really are no “private conversations” when filming a reality TV show, so she might as well get people talking while they’re filming the show instead of waiting to confront every single conversation topic during the reunion episodes. Plus, real talk: it ensures that Sheree is hired back next season. Sheree is basically an onscreen producer at this point since she’s controlling the main story lines this season.


Sheree opened up about the last RHOA episode in her Bravo blog. When asked about the “Bone Collector” title, she exclaimed, “I love it! Ha! I embrace it.”

Sheree justified her pot stirring, saying, “These women have no problem talking about each other behind their backs, so they shouldn’t have a problem saying it to their face. I’m often caught in the middle of all of these women, so for me it’s easier to have everything out in the open.”

I don’t know if Sheree is really “caught in the middle” or if she just puts herself there, but I love her for it. What would the ladies be fighting about if they didn’t have Sheree whispering in their ears and spilling some tea?  Not much.

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Sheree is also trying to dig her way out of her denial well-documented financial woes by becoming a momager for her son Kairo Whitfield. I am kidding – sort of. I don’t think Sheree is banking on her son to be a super model and pay off whatever needs to be done at Chateau Sheree, but she is taking on the role as his manager.

When asked about Cynthia Bailey asking Kairo to be in her show, Sheree surprisingly didn’t have much to say about it. The only thing Sheree shared was that it was a nice gesture.

I figured she would take the opportunity to brag about her son becoming the male Gigi Hadid, but she’s still upset about Cynthia’s refusal to change the fashion show date and time to accommodate Kairo’s school schedule… oh and the fact that he would not be getting paid for this job as a new model. And now I’m wondering if he ended up walking in the show, but I guess we will see when the episode airs.

In contrast, Sheree had a lot to say about the ongoing feud between Porsha Williams and Kandi Burruss. I mean, she basically set herself up for these questions since she’s the one who incited their recent drama when she told Marlo Hampton about Porsha and Phaedra Parks gossiping about Kandi’s sexuality. And then Marlo tried again to get to hold a peach by bringing up the conversation at a group dinner.

Bravo asked Sheree what she was thinking during that ratchet lunch Kandi and Porsha had to discuss their issues. Ironically enough, Sheree said, “It just went to a whole other level, but I’m glad they both had the opportunity to speak to each other without anyone else adding their two cents.” Classic Sheree – setting up conflict and then getting out of the way while other people hash it out. She really is the ideal reality TV cast member. Props to her for stirring this mess up.

Sheree acted like she didn’t expect the two of them to get extremely angry during the confrontation when she declared, “It was time for them to air their grievances. But who knew the topics would go so low and be so dirty!” Right. Because this never ever happens on Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Sheree continued, “It is sad, but unfortunately Porsha only has herself to blame, yet again. She pointed the finger at me during our camping trip and now she is trying to shift the blame of this mess on to Kandi.”

It’s debatable whether Sheree did the right thing by getting this whole thing out in the open or not. Maybe she did the right thing, but just handled it incorrectly? Nevertheless, Porsha was definitely in the wrong here for gossiping about Kandi‘s personal life and accusing her of stepping out on her marriage with Shamea Morton.

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But here’s the thing – why is this all on Porsha? Why isn’t Phaedra getting any heat for being the one who first brought up this Kandi and Shamea story line? When this all went down, I couldn’t help thinking that Porsha is the worst “best friend” in the world for letting Phaedra talk shit about her, but now I feel like Porsha is a good best friend to Phaedra for taking all responsibility for this and not sharing the blame with Phaedra. Either way, there’s obviously a lot more wrong here than right, but it’s such a wild situation.

Anyway, Sheree continued trashing Porsha, “It appears to me that Porsha’s M.O. is to justify her actions based on those of others, and although, yes, I have been witness to times where Porsha has been provoked, there comes a time when you have to become a woman and take ownership of your words and actions.”

I don’t think anyone provoked Porsha to spread rumors about Kandi cheating on her husband and having a sex dungeon. Sure, I can see why Kandi’s tone might have provoked Porsha to unleash her wrath during that lunch, but Porsha had no reason for starting this whole thing in the first place – other than giving herself a story line on this show and helping Phaedra get revenge on her ex-BFF Kandi.


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