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This week’s episode of Floribama Shore gives us all the drama we expect from reality TV. On this episode, Gus Smyrmios continues to lead Nilsa Prowant on with the guise of this friends with benefits attempt that he knows she can’t handle. He even brings a girl back to the house. He has to know that Nilsa will go absolutely nuts. Everyone in that house knows that Nilsa is super sensitive and has the capability to explode. Nonetheless, I am down to see how this shit show unfolds.

During the last episode, Gus and Nilsa finally hooked up after flirting since the first season. Nilsa goes downstairs with the girls to discuss her big night and is rocking a thick scarf. Turns out Gus gave Nilsa multiple hickeys to mark his territory. Gus claims he is only a man and is weak. Nilsa proceeds to giddily tell the entire house she had “hunch punch” last night, as if she is okay with this friends with benefits situation.


While at work, Gus tells his co-workers and his boss that he didn’t want to go down that road because Nilsa has feelings that he can’t reciprocate. Kirk Medas immediately approaches Gus to get the details. He also tells him everything Nilsa said earlier. Ugh….this is a total train wreck waiting to happen.  Nilsa walks in on the conversation and doesn’t seem to mind that she and Gus are the talk of the house.

Nilsa and Gus are the first of the roommates to hook up, so it seems the gossip won’t be dying down anytime soon. Gus feels like Nilsa was only marking her territory by sleeping with him. That is funny because he is the one that left actual marks on Nilsa’s body. She decides to play it cool around Gu. He is genuinely excited because he is under the impression this won’t be a problem. Think again, Gus.


Kortni Gilson and Jeremiah Buoni discuss the drama in the house. Jeremiah feels like Nilsa is just saying she is okay with a friends with benefits situation. He knows deep down that she truly wants a relationship. He reminds us that she said the same thing about his brother last season, but was heartbroken over a canceled date.

Kortni decides to bite the bullet and tell Jeremiah she has feelings for him. He says that is a tricky topic for him since they are such good friends. He doesn’t feel that way about her and doesn’t think it’s worth ruining a friendship. Jeremiah feels bad that the roommates have made Kortni think that he wants more with her, especially since he has told them he doesn’t many times. I’m sorry Kortni…but I didn’t see it for you, girlfriend. You gloat about not taking showers and pee outside every chance you get. I don’t care how great of a friend a guy is with you, most human beings don’t find that attractive.

Candace Rice tries to talk to Nilsa and prevent her from getting hurt. Nilsa claims that if he brings a girl home, she would not care. We all know that is complete utter BS. Let’s watch the circus unfold. Nilsa confronts Gus and asks him straight up “what are we doing”? Instead of him just ending things there, he tells her he is still is going to go out and do “his thing” and she can do hers. He even admits later that she doesn’t have the qualities of someone he wants to be in a relationship in the confessional. Can anyone else predict the drama that will ensue in 5…4…3…2…1.


Gus tells Codi Butts that he has no desire to be with Nilsa. He feels bad that he even “hunched” her because he knows she will get hurt. Codi thinks that they both have feelings for one another and Gus is hiding it. Gus decides to confront Nilsa and ask her how she feels. She, of course, tells him she genuinely likes him and wants to see where it goes. He reminds her that he is scared to allow any feelings happen and doesn’t want to hurt her. Nilsa continues to fool herself and pushes him to keep sleeping with her and not receive what she truly wants… a relationship.

The guys and Aimee Hall are at a bar for a drink when Gus sees some girls walking down the street. He chases them down and he agrees to meet up with them later in the evening. Gus worries about how Nilsa will feel, but doesn’t mind since he told her what he was going to do. Aimee, please talk some sense into your bestie, she is too jealous to deal with the games Gus is playing.

Candace (and her strong eyebrows), Kortni, Nilsa, and Jeremiah head to the bar, while the other roomies nap. The guys wake up to shots before they head out. While there, Kortni tells Nilsa that Jeremiah rejected her and wants to be just friends. Ironically, Gus did the same thing to Nilsa, but she just hasn’t realized it. Yet.


A bouncer throws Codi out of the bar when he can’t handle his alcohol and pukes outside. As soon as Nilsa sees Gus, she is on him like white on rice. To make matters worse, her bestie, Aimee didn’t wake up to help Nilsa out at the bar. She cock blocks Gus as soon as he talks to another girl. He is clearly uncomfortable and tells her “don’t be mad at me… you know what this is”. Ummm… excuse me?? So you have sex with a stage five clinger and you really think, you will have her as your dirty secret at home and do whatever you want when you go out. I think not!!!!


Gus pulls Nilsa outside to talk about their situation. He admits he hates how she treated him when he really liked her last season. Gus tells her that they will never be anything more. She seems sad, but then tries to hug and kiss him. Candace comes to the rescue and takes Nilsa home.

Gus goes back into the bar and tells Jeremiah he is STRESSED out with the situation. Gus just seems so thirsty and hell-bent on bringing a girl back to the house.  Meanwhile, Nilsa drunkenly claims Gus is her man during an on-camera confessional. Gus, on the other hand, is inviting some random girl back to the house. The guys arrive back home with a random named Kendra and Codi is totally confused. Gus takes Kendra upstairs to his room and parades her in front of Kortni.


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O-M-G… the day after Gus… really? Gus hooked up with someone literally the day after he got with Nilsa, in the same house where she lives. Nilsa, girl… Congratulations you played yourself!  I really hope Nilsa stops running after Gus and waits for someone who is worth her time and effort. Honestly, I think Gus’ ego is bruised from Nilsa rejecting him last year. Now wants to redeem himself and make her look stupid. He seems to be doing a pretty good job, but hopefully, she wakes up after she realizes another girl was at the house. Next week’s episode is bound to start out with some drama.


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