Kelly Dodd To Vicki Gunvalson: “I Made Better Choices In My Life Than You. I’m Sorry If You’re Jealous.”

Real Housewives of Orange County Season 13 just ended, but they need to get a camera crew there stat. Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson have been embroiled in an exchange of shady comments. Their latest social media quips are more entertaining than every Season 13 episode combined.

We all remember the double dates debacle. That just seemed like something that would blow over eventually. It did not and somehow it snowballed into Vicki accusing Kelly of doing cocaine and not spending time with her daughter. Andy Cohen broked some semblance of peace during the reunion filming, but that was temporary. Clearly.

Vicki tweeted and deleted a link to an article called “Bravo Standing By Vicki Gunvalson! Network Is Also Working Overtime To Bring Kelly Dodd Back After Drug Accusations.” It’s not surprising that she posted a favorable article about herself. The shocking part is the extra commentary that she tacked on at the end.

Vicki wrote, “Of course she now is changing her mind. She has NO job or career.” Someone sent Kelly Kelly nabbed the screenshot and went OFF on the OG of the OC.

She began, “This makes me very sad.. I am college educated you are not. I worked in advertising after I graduated from college for 10 yrs. Bought real estate by myself.”

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Kelly’s digs were not solely professional. She crossed a line. Yet again. Kelly wrote, “Married a smart successful man with whom, I had a child with which is a great father to his daughter. Where is your kids’ father??”

Then, she reverted to the career-related slights. Kelly claimed, “I invested in stocks and real estate and start ups very early therefore, I don’t have to work as an insurance broker selling insurance for minimal margins (your words). You also told me you make more money on the show than you do selling insurance.”

Just wait for it. It’s the conclusion that truly stings. Kelly declared, “I have made better choices in my life than you .. I’m sorry if you’re jealous, I just work smarter.  I hope you find happiness, peace and love Vicki #dontbejelly #donthate”

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I have no idea what they’re even fighting about. To be honest, I don’t even think that they have can identify the true root of their issues. I’m just sitting here thinking selfish thoughts about Season 14. Just imagine this social media exchange in person during a cast dinner party. This is the kind of drama that we need.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]