Married To Medicine Episode Recap: Season 6 Reunion Part 2

This week’s Married to Medicine was the second installment of the reunion! I am ready to see the fallout from the bombshell accusations Quad Webb-Lunceford and Mariah Huq made against one another. Everything from snorting coke to stealing brothers-in-law was thrown out on the last reunion. I can’t believe it’s come to this, but I’m here for the drama!

The reunion begins with the continuation of the accusation that Quad slept with Mariah’s brother in law. She denies putting out the story and calls Quad “the scum of the earth.” In return, Quad accuses Mariah of doing cocaine. Heavenly then tells Mariah she needs to get her husband because he is making gestures at Quad offstage. Everyone takes a break and Aydin Huq is visibly upset. Upon returning to their dressing room, Aydin is screaming that a “homeless” person he helped is defaming his family. I literally laughed out loud at that. I remember when Mariah said that Quad was homeless and her license plate was her address.  Quad seems like an opportunist that married Greg for money. So I don’t think it’s far-fetched that he helped his wife’s best friend financially in some way.


Andy Cohen asks if anyone has seen Mariah’s proof of Damon Kimes cheating on his wife. Mariah’s claims her throwing out accusations is no different than what has been done to her. The altercation in Antigua is revisited and Andy wonders if anyone was surprised by Mariah breaking a glass on the chair. Simone Whitmore chimes in and thinks that Mariah wasn’t going to hurt Heavenly Kimes.  She thinks she just wanted to get her to stop her attacks. Mariah apologizes for breaking the glass and admits it wasn’t the right thing to do. Surprisingly, Both Heavenly and Mariah agree they are done, because things have gone too far with their husbands getting involved.

Mariah-and-simone-at reunion

The women debate who they think is the shadiest on the show. The group is split between Jackie Walters and Mariah. Personally, I believe Hellishly is the shadiest. She literally talks about everyone… including their mama. Jackie is also shady, but she is someone who is classy and reserved, so it’s not as apparent. Mariah is as well, but she definitely isn’t as bad as Heavenly, in my opinion. She at least seems to have some limitations such as children and mothers, and I can’t say the same for Heavenly. I still remember when she shaded Simone’s son in the car with him. And let’s not forget her constantly attacking Mariah’s mother.

Heavenly- at-reunion

Quad’s divorce and her not being very forthcoming with the ladies this season is in the spotlight. Between the last reunion and now, things between her and Greg continued to go downhill. Quad feels like the group rallied around Simone, but didn’t feel as supported herself. She felt like the environment with the ladies were not very conducive for sharing based on their relationships or energy. I think it’s complete BS.

You are on a reality show, so you are being paid to share your life.  I don’t think Quad really views the ladies as friends, so she saw no need to be real with them. Quad is over dramatic and just comes across as fake. It’s later revealed that she believes she is the star of the show and has told everyone so. When Andy asks if that is true, she starts stuttering and states that everyone brings something. Girl, please. I can totally see her telling the ladies she makes the show. She went from “homeless” to having money and now is full of herself.

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Toya Bush-Harris is asked why she wanted Quad to stop attending the couple’s trips. In response, she feels that she should only attend girl’s outings and not events with married men. Quad vehemently disagrees because she feels she can learn something from the marriages. Toya thinks she can learn from the married women and not their men. Jackie disagrees with Toya because when she and Curtis Berry were on the rocks, she attended a trip alone. Toya doesn’t see that as the same scenario because she was still married. I can see both sides of the discussion. I think because Quad was in the process of a divorce and it’s new it was no big deal. But I don’t know that it would make sense for her to attend for years as a truly single woman.


Andy sits down with the husbands to discuss the season. I wonder if they get paid to appear on the show along with their wives. I don’t know any men that would want to keep attending events that end in screaming and fighting unless they were getting something out of it. The guys feel like they are able to still hang out, despite the drama because they don’t hold grudges. Damon is asked about the cheating allegations. He feels like he has been very kind to Mariah and he did not deserve that.

In true Aydin fashion, he sticks up for his wife and says that Mariah keeps getting pushed and that is why she did it. I don’t think Damon has cheated, but stranger things have happened. Damon was collateral damage. Mariah used the only person she knew would hurt Heavenly. In my opinion, she wanted revenge for the comments against her mother.

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Greg Lunceford claims he had hopes of reconciling with his wife, after last year’s reunion. Clearly, that didn’t happen because Quad not only took his bed, but she is also divorcing him. The men felt like because of the divorce, they were forced to choose a side. This was difficult for Greg, because it was hard to not be included or be around his friends. Quad and Greg sit down with Andy for the first time since June. This is the confrontation I have been waiting on!

We will have to wait until Part 3 of the reunion to see the conclusion. I can’t wait to get some additional details that we haven’t been privy to as viewers. I am sure we will be finding out MUCH more to this story through Greg. Quad isn’t forthcoming and not above lying, so I think we will find the truth somewhere in the middle.


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