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Teen Mom 2 Episode Recap: Hurricane

During last nights episode of Teen Mom 2, worlds collided when Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Baltierra from Teen Mom OG come to visit Kailyn Lowry for her podcast. They discuss everything from family to addiction and give some much needed advice. There is also a 911 call that is revealed, that one of the mom’s made in fear for her safety! Who is in danger?

Kailyn talks with a friend about her ex, Chris Lopez and where they are in their relationship. I suspect it’s nowhere, but I guess I can entertain her delusion for a moment. She says she has never gotten over him, but she is open to getting back together. Kailyn admits that she is addicted to the chaos he brings, but wants to be a family with him. I honestly believe if not Chris, it would be someone else. I just think Kailyn doesn’t want to be alone and when she is, she clings to whoever was her last love interest. She did the exact same thing with Javi Marroquin after they broke up.


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Kailyn threw a birthday party for her son, Lux. Chris and his entire family show up, but MTV was unable to film because he doesn’t want to be on the show. While talking to a producer, Kailyn reflects on the birthday party. She is sad that her children don’t have a relationship with her family. All of the fathers of her children’s families are involved, but her family is not. She is thinking about reconnecting with her mother, but is worried due to her issues with sobriety.

Catelynn and Tyler will be guests on her podcast later in the week, so she is hoping to hear their thoughts. She knows they have dealt with addiction in their families and she wants to get more insight before making a decision.

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During the show, Kailyn asks Tyler about his dad and their relationship. She reveals that she doesn’t know if her mother even knows she has a third child. She feels like her mother is a great person when she is sober, but things were really bad when she wasn’t. Tyler and Catelynn suggest accepting her mother for who she is and setting healthy boundaries. I think she needs to really assess if her mother is healthy enough to be reintroduced back into her children’s lives. If she isn’t sober, she could potentially be setting her kids up for disappointment.



Briana DeJesus allows Nova’s father, Devoin Austin to take their daughter on a play date before she starts school the next day. She is having the time of her life playing games with her dad. I am glad he decided to play more of an active role in her life. In the last episode, this was a point of contention and Briana wanted him to be more consistent. He even has a new apartment and wants his daughter come spend the night.

It’s Nova’s first day of 1st grade and she is nervous. Briana walks her into class and she is clearly uncomfortable. The poor baby starts crying while sitting in class, but immediately receives hugs from her mother and grandmother before they leave. I felt Briana’s pain. It would have been hard for me to leave my daughter as well.  But you have to allow kids to grow up sometime.



Leah Messer calls her ex, Corey Simms to find out how the twins first day at school went. She is still upset that the school bus was unable to take Ally’s wheelchair that morning. She plans to find a special needs advocate or attorney to sit in on the meetings with the school in the future. I think this is a good idea. A person with knowledge of the laws will go a long way on getting things done quicker. It broke my heart to hear that Ally wasn’t eating because she didn’t have anyone to help her get her lunch tray. I don’t think any child should be subject to this type of negligence from a school.

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Leah calls a special needs advocate to find out her options for Ally. She explains some of her frustrations with the school and what she would like to see happen. The advocate was very supportive and seems like this is exactly what Leah needs to make sure the school is doing everything in their power to accommodate her child.



Chelsea Houska  is hanging out with the family when she stands up and notices her behind is wet. She is unsure if her water broke or if she just sat in something. Her mother points out that she was having contractions earlier, so maybe she should go to the hospital. Her husband, Cole DeBoer decides to take her to see a doctor just in case.

As they are driving, Chelsea decides to call the hospital to let them know she is on her way. At this point, the baby would be arriving early so she is extremely nervous. Cole is playing the part of the dutiful husband, trying to make sure his wife stays calm. They find out that it was a false alarm and she is not in labor.  I like Chelsea, but I can only take so much of all of the baby talk from her and Cole. Smh… I don’t even think they realize they are doing it anymore.



North Carolina was hit hard by Hurricane Florence. Jenelle Evans had damage to her home and the power was out for several days.  She says she and her family had to bathe in their pool outside due to the conditions. Jenelle meets up with her mom, Barbara Evans, to talk about  the hurricane. She reveals that Nathan Griffith’s mom wanted to take her son,  Kaiser because she supposedly lives in a safer neighborhood. I doubt she thought the neighborhood was safer, I’m sure she just meant it was a safer environment for her grandson. Nathan has alleged that Jenelle’s husband has abused his step son, Kaiser.

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Jenelle and Barbara take the kids to the pumpkin patch. A producer tells Jenelle about an angry text she received from Jenelle’s husband, David Eason. He was upset because he was not allowed to be at a family outing, because Teen Mom 2 was filming. Does someone need to remind some of these people that filming literally is their sole job? They may not want to complain about how they are living this plush lifestyle.

When Teen Mom 2 cameras weren’t present, Jenelle made a call to 911. The audio of the call is played at the end of the episode. She asks the police to come because David has attacked her and she fears her collarbone may be cracked. Seriously, this call was extremely disturbing. I know that Jenelle has always stood up for her husband, but it is very apparent that something isn’t right in that household. I can only imagine what those children have witnessed as a result.


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