Teresa Giudice Thinks Margaret Josephs Backstabbed Danielle Staub; Margaret Says Danielle “Got In Teresa’s Head”

Even though Danielle Staub is not a full-time cast member on Real Housewives of New Jersey, her feud with Margaret Josephs has become a focal point of the season. Even their husbands got into a fight! Well, it was actually Margaret’s husband and Danielle’s soon-to-be-ex-husband.

Of course, the two of them aren’t just keeping their feud to themselves. Pretty much everyone in the cast is taking sides. Teresa Giudice has remained loyal to Danielle. Jackie Goldschneider is on Margaret’s side, of course. Melissa Gorga is semi-neutral, but mostly #TeamMargaret. Dolores Catania has been against Danielle’s (attempted) comeback from the start. And then there’s Jennifer Aydin, whose lipliner reminded Margaret of a “monkey’s asshole.” Obviously, she’s against Margaret at this point.

The New Jersey Housewives discussed the Danielle vs. Margaret feud during the RHONJ After Show. Margaret explained, “It was not overnight. It was gradual. It might look overnight to Teresa, but Teresa’s so super busy. She’s always out and about. She doesn’t see that. That’s Danielle getting in her head. Danielle’s saying to her ‘I don’t know why she dumped me.’ Danielle knows why I don’t want to be associated with her.”

Jackie chimed in with her opinion as a fan of the show, I mean, cast member. She shared, “I think Danielle is vindictive. I mean, I don’t know her as well as the rest of the crowd, but I think that she latches onto somebody and she tries to make them hers. Then, when she’s mad at you, she’ll try to destroy you and bring you down.” She’s not wrong.

Melissa seemed to agree with Jackie’s sentiments. She added, “If [Danielle] could sway Teresa and I both to see her side more than to see Margaret’s… that was definitely a goal.”

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Then, an off-camera producer asked Danielle and Teresa, “What’s your reaction to Margaret saying Danielle turned Teresa against her?” Danielle let out an evil laugh a chuckle and remarked, “I find that hilarious.”

Teresa shared, “I feel like [Margaret]  turned me against her because I feel like when you’re friends with someone, you don’t backstab them. I felt like that’s what she was doing to Danielle.” What is she referring to? Venting about Danielle’s bridezilla demands?

Teresa claimed, “I just saw Danielle being there for her when she needed her. And, when Danielle needed her, she wasn’t there for her. I’m not into that. I like loyal people and I feel like she wasn’t being loyal to Danielle.” By throwing her an over-the-top bachelorette party? Or by putting up with all of Danielle’s pre-wedding craziness?  Or maybe she’s referring to Margaret keeping her cool when Danielle snapped at her for having wet hair. When did Margaret falter in her loyalty to Danielle?

This prompted Danielle to declare, “I do feel like people need to be careful around Margaret. I don’t think that she’s anything that she pretends to be. I know for a fact that she’s not what she pretends to be.” Well, just based on grammar alone, no one is actually something that she “pretends to be.” That’s what the word “pretend” means.

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Margaret shared, I love Teresa, but she’s a very poor judge of character. So, as long as you’re nice to Teresa, she wants to be with you.”

Margaret explained Teresa and Danielle’s dynamic. She shared, “Teresa is not the one calling you every day. You have to call Teresa every day. You have to check in on Teresa. So, Danielle is the type of girl who will call you every morning. Danielle doesn’t work. She doesn’t have anything else going on. So, Danielle’s thing is every morning she’s going to text you. She’s going to make sure she checks in.”

Melissa concurred that Danielle sends “long emails and long text messages.” Ultimately, Margaret theorized, “She will be up Teresa’s ass nonstop, so of course Teresa feels bad. She thinks I just dumped Danielle, but I don’t really give a sh*t.”

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