Brielle Biermann Opens Up About “Confusing” Breakup With Michael Kopech

Don’t Be Tardy’s Brielle Biermann is such a fascinating creature. Brielle and her countless lip injections existed before Don’t Be Tardy, but she’s a whole new person now. She’s been on display her entire life like a reality TV mannequin. Having a front seat to her life means that we get an inside look at her relationships. We thought for sure that Michael Kopech was the one for her because relationships and reality TV always work. Brielle’s mother Kim Zolciak found love with Kroy Biermann, so why couldn’t the same happen for her?

We had high hopes for Brielle and Michael, but alas it wasn’t meant to be. Unfortunately like a plastic surgery botch, some things just don’t go as planned. Relationships and John Legend tickets come and go. It’s hard not to think of all the possibilities that could have come from their relationship. Who wouldn’t want to watch a spin-off of Kim’s clone and her baseball boyfriend? *Crickets*. The real question is why broke up. What went down that led to the end of the end of this millennial love story?

Brielle finally opened up about her split with Michael in an interview with TooFab. In regards to their current status, she said, “I do not talk to him.”

When asked what led to the actual breakup, Brielle put it ALL out there (what else is new). “It was more of him wanting to take a break, and he wanted me to wait on him. And I was like, ‘I’m not gonna wait on you dude. You clearly wanna go f**k around. You think I’m stupid? I’m not stupid. I’m not gonna be waiting for you to return. I have a life too.'” Whatever happened to absence making the heart grow fonder?

Surprisingly, Michael didn’t seem to grasp what she was saying. She relayed his comments saying, “He was like, ‘in a year we can date.’ I was like, ‘Are you insane? No.'” Overall they seem like two very level headed young people. Right?

The pair split last March. Brielle and Michael have been broken up almost a year and we’re just now getting confirmation? Whatever happened to “don’t be tardy’? A little late on the revelation Brielle!

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Does the breakup mean that Kim lied to us last year? It was last March when Kim quoted Perez Hilton’s tweet about breakup. She said that his account was, “not true doll”. Aren’t reality television stars supposed to put their lives out there for the viewers? Brielle even briefly confirmed the breakup! We call SHENANIGANS!

The worst part of all of this? We will never get that Real Housewives of Chicago spin-off based on Brielle and Michael! We are devastated and don’t know how we will survive without another show involving Brielle. Nah. We’ll manage fine I’m sure. It might be easier to keep up with her always changing face life if she was on another show though.

Interestingly enough, Kim compared Michael to her husband back in 2016 which makes us question so much. Kim actually called Michael a “mini Kroy“. Does this mean that Michael sat in the parking lot waiting for Brielle at every event she attended? Surely Kim now regrets saying they are similar!

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Brielle seems very at ease with the relationship’s demise. She told Too Fab, “It needed to happen. I just was a little in denial because no one’s ever left me before. So I was like, “What the f**k is your problem? You have issues to leave me.” I was so confused at the time.” I was like, “Really? You’re leaving me? Okay, bye!” I was such an asshole.” At least she’s self-aware. Kind of. Slightly. Okay not at all.

Hopefully, Brielle finds love before her next face change and it lasts this time! If Brielle can’t find a Kroy, perhaps a Big Poppa? Maybe even a DJ Tracy?


[Photo Credit: Prince Williams/WireImage]