NeNe Leakes Says Kim Zolciak Is Teaching Brielle Biermann “To Be The Same Nasty, Hateful, Vindictive, Plastic-Wrap Fake Person!”

There may be six women holding up peaches during the Real Housewives of Atlanta opening credits, but not all of them are bringing something to the table. Kim Zolciak isn’t even a full-time cast member and her daughter Brielle Biermann hasn’t even appeared on camera this season, yet the two of them have instigated the most significant drama – by far.

From the John Legend ticket debacle to the “roach” video, these two have been carrying the season on their backs – much to NeNe Leakes‘ annoyance.

Brielle is not a child anymore and NeNe made that very clear when she came for Kim’s daughter in her latest Bravo blog entry. The OG cast member wrote, “Seeing Brielle’s post, I was outraged, but this was all premeditated by her trashy mom. The reason for Brielle recording anything in my house has changed more times than Kim’s Party City Halloween wigs and face! If she was smart (which we all know she isn’t), she would admit her wrongs and apologize instead of back peddling every chance she gets!”

What’s Kim’s latest version of events? Brielle recorded the video in NeNe’s bathroom to warn Kim because she’s afraid of bugs.

NeNe dragged Sheree Whitfield into the drama with her next paragraph: “Kim and messy, two-faced Sweetie 2.0 (Sheree) are devious, slanderous, and reckless. They do not like me! They don’t want me to have anything and will do anything to discredit me.” And then she really went in: “Kim is teaching her daughter to be the same nasty, hateful, vindictive, plastic-wrap fake person! I will NEVER deal with any of them again in life.” I’m waiting for a Twitter rant from Brielle and Kim in 5, 4, 3, 2,1…. Or better yet, I wish that Brielle showed up to film the reunion, although I’m sure that the actual cast members would never condone that.

For the 9847473747362725747th time, NeNe claimed, “I will NEVER have anything to do with Kim again in life!” We have heard that one before. Plenty of times. NeNe continued, “She has thrown the most insults and lies over the years. She tries to put me down in any way that she can; saying that I’m on drugs and I have roaches is just the last straw for me. It seems as though she can say whatever, but the moment you say something back, you’re the worst person ever. I’ve said for years we are not on the same page.”

NeNe maintains, “No matter what anyone says moving forward, this I can tell you: I am DONE with Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Sweetie 2.0.” But you’re all on the same reality TV show. Can you ever truly be done if you are all contractually obligated to hang out and talk shit about each other during on-camera interviews?

And then NeNe addressed her comedy show controversy: “It was very difficult for me dealing with the fallout from my comedy show. I wrote, produced, and created this show myself. The people that attend my show love me and are coming to laugh and have a great time with me! However this wasn’t my show. This was the comedy show that I host, ‘Girls Nite Out For Laughs.’ I’ve never dealt with a heckler before, and when I had someone screaming at me, ‘Go kill yourself,’ I reacted out of emotion in a split second.”

NeNe admits, “I wish I could take it back! I never want to harm or hurt anyone! I hope that you all will stand with me and accept my sincere apology. As humans, we make mistakes sometimes. I’ve learned there are a lot of people that do not want to see you win!”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]