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Jennifer Aydin Loves “Monkey’s Asshole” Dig & Banter With Margaret Josephs

After months of dieting and not drinking for her fitness competition, Teresa Giudice just wanted to celebrate her accomplishments with some fun in Mexico. Of course, the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast couldn’t wait to leave their husbands and kids behind for a  vacation.

Before the trip, Jennifer Aydin mentioned to Teresa that her brother was getting married to a woman he didn’t know. OK, he knew her for a couple weeks, but still! At Dolores Catania’s fundraiser, Margaret Josephs referred to Jennifer’s future sister-in-law as a “mail-order bride.” Oh boy. In true RHONJ form, that got back to Jennifer and she was not happy about it. At all!

During the ladies first dinner in Cabo, Margaret gave Teresa a necklace to celebrate her achievements in the fitness competition.  Although all the girls knew about the gift in advance, Jennifer said she was upset that they didn’t buy it from her brother, who happens to be a jeweler. Uhh excuse me Jennifer, but didn’t you know about this already? Why ask about it now?

With all the venom that Jennifer could muster, she screamed, “It’s f*cking ugly. Sorry, Teresa.” In response, Margaret snapped back with “Really? So is your lip liner. Why don’t you fix it?”

When Jennifer sarcastically blew Margaret a kiss, Margaret remarked, “Your lips look like a monkey’s asshole.” You gotta love Margaret!

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In an interview with Page Six, Jennifer said that Margaret’s “monkey’s asshole” comment has turned into a running joke for her. She shared, “An Uber driver, the other day, goes ‘Jennifer?’ And I’m like ‘Yeah.’ They’re like ‘Monkey’s asshole!'”

What was Jennifer’s response to that “fan” of hers? She yelled, “Monkey’s ass? Yeah, baby. You know you want it. You know you want it.” Clearly, Jennifer is reveling at this moment. Instead of letting it get her down, she admits, “And it’s been like this fun thing.”

She even went as far to proclaim, “I love it. I mean, I think it was awesome. I think the banter between Margaret and I is awesome. You know, she’s good! She’s fast with her comebacks, but so am I. So, it makes for good TV, I guess.” It really does! They definitely nailed the casting this season. Love Jennifer or hate her, she’s given us a lot of good TV.

Even so, I’m not sure how you can make a monkey’s ass fun but.. okay. Good for Jennifer.

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