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Married At First Sight Episode Recap- Can I Trust You

On last night’s episode of Married at First Sight, the experts gave the couples an exercise in trust. This should definitely be interesting. Most of the couples are working to just like each other, let alone trust each other. Each couple engages in a phone swap. Apparently, Keith Dewar failed. Not only did he have several naked pictures of his ex, he willingly handed his phone over to his wife, Kristine Killingsworth. And let’s just say she is NOT happy! Will Keith delete the pictures? Or will he hold on to the past? Also, Luke Cuccurullo makes another move to solidify that he secretly hates Kate Sisk and will divorce her as soon as he gets the chance. Kate, this is your last warning, run girl, run!

AJ Vollmoeller sits down with Stephanie Sersen and explains why he talks excessively. He claims it is because he has to listen most of the time at work. In his mind, it’s only fair, he gets to inundate her with gibberish and demands of dinners together as a trade-off. Stephanie shares that most of her relationships in the past have been trainwrecks. So although she is hopeful, she is cautious. Sorry, Steph, but I think AJ is a trainwreck as well, but just for a different reason. He is nuts!

Dr. Pepper Schwartz comes to visit to address the alarming things that Luke has said to producers about his wife, Kate. OMG!!!!! This little manipulator man claims he has been pressured to kiss his wife against his will. WTF! Oh, it gets much worse. He also claims she has a drinking problem and she pressures him more when drinking. He literally says all of these defaming claims as nonchalantly as if he is asking someone to pass the bread. This man is insane. I am done!

Dr. Pepper relays Luke’s complaints to Kate in a one on one. Her explanation is that she didn’t feel she was pressuring him. She thought it was natural to cuddle while lying in bed. For most, this would be a natural progression. But what she doesn’t realize is he is only pretending to like her and sends mixed signals to make it seem like he tried in this marriage. Kate apologized when he told her that he felt pressured and she felt they moved on. From his account, you would think she tied him up and pushed herself on him. She is shocked to hear his accusation of her basically being a lush.

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Honestly, I think Luke seems like a terrible person. I can’t even look at him without thinking he looks like a little troll now because of his personality. I believe he realized he looked bad for his comments in relation to kissing Kate. He is now using these allegations as excuses, as ways to deflect from HIS nasty behavior. Hopefully, the public is smart enough to see this for what it is, complete BS.

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Luke is asked to communicate his thoughts directly to Kate with Dr. Pepper. All of a sudden, he is shy and “doesn’t want to beat her down.” Chile, please!!!!! Kate asks for an example and he is mute and now “sorry” he said that. Sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kate, if you continue to drool over this fool after this, I am going to be forced to give up on you. I feel like this guy is emotionally abusing this poor desperate woman. SMH.


The couples complete a phone swap exercise. Keith had several inappropriate pictures on his phone. You can see the green eye monster emerge immediately in Kristine. Given their sexual chemistry, I am sure this was especially difficult for her. She demands he delete all the pictures. I don’t blame her. Why does he need them, if he truly has moved on?

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jasmine-and-will-work-on communication

Jasmine McGriff and Will Guess work on their communication by asking each other questions about their fantasies and past relationships. Will reveals his fantasy is for Jasmine is to dress up like a sexy librarian. Given Jasmine’s thirst to have sex with her husband, she better run out and get some glasses and a book, quick!

In the weirdest and not requested scene of the episode, AJ and Stephanie decide to spice things up and body paint each other. They literally are pressing themselves against each other and a wall. Ughhhh…SMH. Please, Lifetime, stop giving AJ reasons to wiggle around in swim trunks. The honeymoon was enough and now this?


Kate and Luke decide to go out to dinner. He sits there happily as she drinks a glass of wine. They claim they addressed the issues that were discussed with Dr. Pepper after she left. Luke “wants to move forward.” Sure. He says that his perception of drinking is different because his best friend in college was killed by a drunk driver. There is a distinct difference in having a drinking problem and drinking socially. I also could have sworn HE BOUGHT her THREE BOTTLES of wine when they moved into their new house. So I am not buying this. I just can’t with his whole Dr.Jekyll/Mr. Hyde personality.


Pastor Calvin Roberson calls Kristine and Keith to check on them. Kristine reveals she is still bothered by the pictures of his ex she found on his phone. Dr. Calvin asks why the pictures are still on the phone. Yes, do tell! Keith feels it’s a part of his life because he was with his ex for four years. After some encouragement, he realizes the pictures serve no purpose and agrees to delete them.

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AJ has another one of his tantrums while Stephanie tries to figure out where to go for lunch. He literally snaps on her for trying to get his opinion on a place to eat. First, he says he doesn’t want to be forced to drink. Umm… WTF.  Forced? Where the heck did that come from? Then he gets angry and goes off about her discussing choices too much because they will never get anywhere according to him. I’m sorry, but he would have been eating alone after that. Is this man almost forty or going through his terrible two’s?


Kate meets with her friends and talks about Luke’s recent allegations to producers. She gives them his excuses. And, finally, we hear from some people, who have sense. Her friends think that his comments are odd, to say the least. She also shocks them by revealing that he isn’t attracted to her and has told her so several times. She literally laughs while explaining that he finds her beautiful, but isn’t attracted to her.

Her friends are just as confused as us viewers about what the heck that is supposed to mean. They are shocked and very concerned. Is Kate really this naive? Or does she does she want to be married this badly? It’s like she is trying to force a square in a circle hole. Ugh… this is just becoming sad to watch. Clearly, she didn’t tell them about the “repulsed” and “dead inside” comment. Oh, just wait until they see these Married at First Sight episodes.


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