Danielle Staub’s Wedding Is Off; Is Her Relationship Done?

Duchess Danielle? The internet broke when news broke that Danielle Staub was getting married again. Her marriage to Marty Caffrey JUST ended. What in the actual “prostitution whore” is happening here? It was shocking to see Danielle desperately trying to secure a full-time spot  sporting that enormous engagement ring. Danielle deserves love and light, but let’s pump those Jersey breaks for a moment. Talk about a whirlwind romance!

However, things are VERY confusing about the status of the couple’s relationship. Is a wedding actually happening here? Did the pair split? Danielle seems to be a walking breaking news alert. Danielle and Oliver Maier’s status is about as clear as why Nene Leakes wouldn’t let anyone in her closet. Nobody really knows, but it’s weird. Maybe Olivier hates water and wants to avoid the same fate as Danielle’s last husband. Margaret Josephs has her pool hands ready to go for the next guy. Thankfully, Danielle Staub is giving us the most current updates on her engagement status. 

Danielle took to her Instagram story to set the record straight about the confusing couple. In the video Danielle says, “To put the rumors that he and I are not together, here I am with my love.” Danielle signaled for Oliver to make a statement and he simply said, “I love you.” Danielle ended the video saying, “there you go.” Yup, there we go. Also, Oliver is totally not a brainwashed zombie.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey part-time star is most likely referring to rumors the wedding was off. Us Weekly reported that the pair called it quits after six weeks of dating. A source said that despite Danielle showing off a massive engagement ring online, Oliver didn’t actually make a purchase. Maybe Danielle just didn’t want to buy jewelry from anyone that wasn’t Jennifer Aydin’s brother. We know what happens when you don’t.

THIS IS SO UPSETTING. We already have a Countess, and all we want from the Bravo gods is a duchess. Could you imagine how insufferable Danielle would be with a royal title? Maybe she could use her Duchess powers to save Joe Giudice from deportation. Danielle Staub for ambassador! No.

This is happening so fast. OMG. Luckily for fans, Marty had a lot to say Danielle’s new romance allegedly ending.

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In a statement to Us Weekly Marty said, “I wish, and will always Danielle to achieve true love and happiness. I feel in love with her, remember? And although I divorced her last August, this still troubles me.” Oh. Okay. Whatever you say, Marty.

The back and forth about whether or not Danielle and Oliver are still together isn’t even the craziest part! In a TMZ video, Danielle appears to counter claims the ring wasn’t bought. She also seemingly blames her daughters for a wedding postponement.

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In the TMZ video, Danielle told a paparazzo that she was getting the ring Monday and that it “needs to be sized.” When asked about the wedding day itself she replied, “You know what? My daughters are pushing back. We might not do it Monday.” Or ever. Hey the 21st time is the charm. Isn’t that how the saying goes?

Whatever the case actually is between Danielle and her new fiance, we really hope it plays out on Season 10 of Real Housewives of New Jersey. Danielle always brings the drama and knows how to make reality TV magic. Whether being the victim of a table flip or a wine toss, Danielle is compelling television.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]