Joe Gorga Releases New Book On Succeeding In Life, Love And Business

One of the rights of passage of Real Housewives is the side hustle. Over 100 women have attempted to parlay their reality TV fame into side businesses. From clothing lines to stores that seem to close up shop in the middle of the night with a U-Haul, the enterprising Housewives are always angling for new ventures.

And one of the most popular side gigs is “writing” a book. Find a good ghostwriter, and you are set! We have seen Housewife books on everything from etiquette and cooking to fluffy autobiographies. Fortunately, House Husbands who aspire to be Housewives can also cash in on the book train. The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s  Joe Gorga has now cast his literary lot as an expert on business, love, fame and life!

Joe shared his book news on Instagram. He announced, “Exciting news! My first book, The Gorga Guide to Success is out today.” Joe goes on to describe the book, saying that it “is about how I went from growing up in the inner city of Paterson, New Jersey to building a real estate empire, maintaining a happy marriage to the love of my life, @melissagorga, and navigating the world of reality TV.” Joe’s book, co-written with author Kristen McGuiness, makes him sound like the most successful of all House Husbands.

To further entice readers into a book sale, Joe teases, “If you want to flip houses, know how to keep the sparks alive in your marriage or just hear what it means to keep two feet in one boot, you should get this.” Are you interested so far? Aren’t you dying to know how to keep both your feet in one boot? You could get double the use out of a pair of shoes!

Within 24 hours, Joe posted on Instagram again. He shared, “I woke up this morning to find out that my book is a #1 international best seller in Canada, the UK and the US. Its all because of you guys and I couldn’t be more grateful. Now all we have to do is make it a bestseller in Italy, right?” Joe failed to mention that the #1 status is for the Kindle edition. In the best sellers in Television Genres category. Still impressive though, huh?

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Amazons’ flowery description of the book states, “Gorga shows how to succeed in business, in marriage, and in life by following timeless, old school rules to living with passion, remaining humble and never giving up.” And that “Gorga understood early on that you “gotta have balls” in order to get ahead.” What I really want to know from Joe, however, is all the dirt on why his pizza restaurant mysteriously closed up shop. Maybe that will be in the updated version of his book?

Always supportive of her husband (and his earning potential!), wife Melissa Gorga let it be known she is on Team Joe. She shared on Instagram, “I’m so proud of this man. His first Book is now available on Amazon. It’s such a great read. Check it out to learn all his secrets and how he became the man he is today!!” I am sure Melissa is proud, but she must be a bit disappointed the book did not come out in time to guide her to success in her clothing store venture.

Sister Teresa Guidice also chimed in with support for her baby brother. She posted on Instagram, “My brother @joey gorga released his first book, THE GORGA GUIDE TO SUCESS, today. Please support him by picking up a copy.” Although Teresa spelled the word “success” wrong (oh, the irony!), she seems to be proud of her brother.

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The most interesting thing about Teresa’s post was the picture she shared of Joe. He is standing in front of his office, which looks very nice. And the door lists business hours, which appear normal. Until you get to Friday. Then, the office apparently opens at 12 AM! Doesn’t Joe know that nothing good happens in New Jersey after midnight? Or, maybe he does.

Hopefully, Joe and Teresa can team up to write a book, too. Something like, “Real Family Dynamics When One Or More Members Go To Prison.” I’d buy that!  Until then, we will have to make do with Joe’s book. And learn how to be famous, wealthy and happy. All in 112 Kindle pages.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]