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Joe Gorga Says Teresa Giudice Was The Cause Of The Most Fights With Melissa Gorga

Yesterday had to be such an awkward day for Melissa Gorga to do press. Of course, promoting a show about arguing with family and friends has to be uncomfortable in general. Not only that, but those photos of Teresa Giudice holding hands with a 26-year-old random just hit the internet.

Obviously, Melissa and Teresa are not on the best terms these days. Nevertheless, that is such a tough conversation topic. In not-at-all-surprising news, Andy Cohen opened with that topic during yesterday’s Watch What Happens Live.

Melissa couldn’t help asking Andy, “I mean, really?” This is Andy Cohen. Of course, he’s going to ask about those photos. How many people do you know hold hands with their “friends”? Especially with a husband on the verge of leaving prison… and possibly the country.

Andy told Melissa, “I hope it’s true. I want her to be getting it from this guy.” Joe Giudice, who? Melissa responded, “Listen, I know nothing about it. If it were true, I would know something.”

Andy pointed out, “You don’t seem like her favorite person right now.” Melissa agreed and added, “I’m obviously not.” With that said, I doubt Teresa is texting Melissa with updates about her personal life. Unless she wants Melissa to send screenshots to Jackie Goldschneider.

One thing that Melissa and Teresa are on the same page about is the mail order bride concept. Teresa had no idea what a mail order bride was and Melissa admitted, “I’ve never heard of one either.” See, they do have one thing in common! Other than their obvious distaste for each other.

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It seemed like Teresa and Melissa were good before the reunion. They weren’t best friends, but they seemed cordial enough. Melissa shared, “I ate pasta at her house two nights before [the reunion taping].”

During that reunion, Teresa got mad at Melissa for defending Jackie. Melissa explained, “Jackie was defending me. So, how could I not defend Jackie who’s defending me?” That is fair. However, maybe she could have remarked that mentioning Joe Giudice in prison was a trigger for her sister-in-law. Or maybe she didn’t mind it when Teresa went off the rails. It was good for the ratings, right?

A viewer asked Melissa, “Would Teresa be better with or without Joe once he’s released from prison?” Melissa shared, “I definitely think she’d be better with him because the kids are hurting. They need their family.” But what about their marriage? Is their one-on-one relationship in a good state? I wonder if Joe has seen those hand holding photos…

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A viewer wanted to know “What’s up with the hesitation from Dolores [Catania]? What happened between her and Melissa?” Melissa said, “I don’t know. When I watched it back today I was like ‘damn, she was like feisty with me a little bit.'” Dolores is a card-carrying member of Team Teresa. What did she expect? Not only that, but have Melissa and Dolores ever had a scene alone together? Have we ever seen them interacting outside of a group setting? Do they even have each other’s phone numbers? Obviously, I’m kidding about that last part. But seriously, they cannot be that close.

Andy asked Melissa, “What did Joe [Gorga] say was the cause of the most fights in your relationship?” Melissa guessed, “Pet peeves? I run the water too much.” Joe took things to the next level with his answer. He said, “Teresa.”Damn.

Is the Gorga family feud heating up for another round? When will the cameras start rolling for Season 10?

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