Heather Dubrow Fires Back At People Criticizing Her Daughter’s Suit

Social media shaming is not uncommon, as Heather Dubrow recently found out. And it is not limited to adults. For some reason, people feel very free to insult children as well. The former Real Housewives of Orange County mom was recently subjected to some derogatory comments regarding her youngest daughter’s choice of clothing.

Fortunately, Heather is rarely at a loss for words and decided to gift the trolls with some free online education. Class is in session with Champs Dubrow!

Sometimes, when conditions are favorable, parents are lucky enough to document dress-up events involving their children.

According to an article from Bravo’s The Daily DishHeather and two of her daughters, Kat (age 13) and Coco (age 9), went to a mother-daughter luncheon. As parents often do, she posted a photo to her Instagram, marking the occasion.

The RHOC alum took a walk on the wild side with a blue dress. Kat had a white dress with a super cute gold jacket. And there’s Coco. Coco rocked a cool suit with Vans. All three looked ready for special festivities. Surprise, because Coco thinks outside the box and the public had thoughts.

Yes, you read that right. Some people with nothing better to do are insulting a child for wearing a suit. She wasn’t wearing baby unicorn skin, not trying to look 36 years old in a cocktail dress – literally a tux and sneakers. Most of Heather’s followers loved Coco’s awesome ensemble, but you know there were a few who had to go rogue.

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One person wrote, “Is she a boy or a girl?” Oooooo, clever, bet it took all day to come up with that one! Another commenter threw in, “Is that her son?” Seriously?

Heather did not feed the users baiting her for a response but acknowledged the hateful words on her podcast, Heather Dubrow’s World. “First of all, um, why do you care? Who’s talking about a child on social media like that”, she questioned. Heather had words for those who wrote unsettling remarks calling them “incredibly unenlightened”.

Full disclosure – when I was about Coco’s age, I thought I was the 6th member of Duran Duran. I shaved my head except for some… interesting bangs that I dyed blonde (sorry, Dad). Walked around like I was 50 Shades of Eurotrash. I might have also affected an unconvincing British accent because, commitment. So, I can relate to creative kids that don’t fit into the general public’s perception of “normal”.

Thankfully, most people praised Coco’s ensemble, and she picked it out herself! Heather shared, “Still, not all of the feedback on Coco’s look was negative. ‘A lot of people wrote a comment that I love, which was saying clothing doesn’t have gender, it’s just clothing’.”

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Make no mistake, Heather isn’t here for shaming her kid and doesn’t hesitate to let people know. “I love [the suit] and I have news for you. I don’t care if [Coco] likes girls, boys, both, none.” Heather continued, “I don’t care who or what she likes as long as she’s a good, functioning, happy, independent, amazing, human being. That is all I care about. And she loved her suit so much.”

Now, for the first time ever, I have something in common with Heather and I’m not mad at it. You can listen to her entire podcast here. As for Coco, you keep that spirit going girl. And let it be known that Fancy Pants officially has some competition in the wardrobe department.

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[Photo Credit: Instagram]