Bethenny Frankel Accuses Jason Hoppy Of Using FaceTime To “Taunt” Her In Custody Battle; She Called Him “White Trash”

Bethenny Frankel had a brief marriage to Jason Hoppy.  It spawned a spinoff, Bethenny Ever After, a daughter Bryn Hoppy and a bitter divorce that was finalized in 2016.   Their divorce proceedings lasted longer than the actual marriage.

During Bethenny’s time on Real Housewives of New York, viewers have seen how the ongoing bitterness with Jason has affected the Skinnygirl maven.  It never seems to end, since they share custody of now 8-year-old Bryn….and Bethenny is back in court requesting sole custody.   

An article in Page Six revealed that bitterness is on full display in Manhattan Supreme Court. On Monday, Bethenny testified in tears about how Jason “used FaceTime to taunt me” as least twice a day.  Bethenny was referring to a May 9, 2015, FaceTime call. “The circumstances were I was trying to FaceTime Bryn…and I have experienced basically every day Jason using it as a tool to harass me or abuse me or taunt me and on that day, I recorded our correspondence,” Bethenny said.  She pointed out that May 9th was Mother’s Day and also Bryn’s birthday weekend.

After Bethenny asked Jason to speak with Bryn, he snapped, “Keep recording me, you’ve lost your privilege for recording me.”  Bethenny explained that she endured Jason’s calls “twice a day, every day…every time before the order of protection.” Bethenny was referring to a court order of protection from 2017 that clearly instructed Jason to stay away from her.

In court, Bethenny added, “Jason used FaceTime to taunt me, abuse me, say negative things, laugh at me.” He apparently said, “Is everything OK, Bethenny? Are you having a bad day, Bethenny? You seem stressed, Bethenny.'”  IMO, that sounds so awful and not worth all the tequila in Mexico.

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In a different article from Page Six on the child custody hearing, Jason’s lawyer asked Bethenny about referring to Jason as “white trash.”  Bethenny replied, “I think I called his family that.”  Jason’s lawyer then made Bethenny read a transcript from a 2014 hearing when it was clear she referred to Jason as “white trash” rather than his family.  In that same hearing, Bethenny also admitted splashing a snoozing Jason with water when she “cracked.”  Bethenny tried to minimize that behavior on Monday. “Well, I threw water at him, but I didn’t know he was sleeping,” she said.

That behavior–while understandable– doesn’t strengthen Bethenny’s case. But Bethenny is standing in her truth. “I have tried everything to collaborate and work in the best interest of my daughter,” she testified earlier in the day. “What is best for Bryn is to have a rational person who is making good decisions.”

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The problem? No one seems that rational when it comes to a divorce and custody. So, I’m somewhat surprised Bethenny is still seeking a better outcome.


[Photo: Bravo]