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Vicki Gunvalson Reportedly Demoted To Friend Of Status Next Season If Boyfriend Steve Lodge Doesn’t Propose To Her On Camera

The last season of the Real Housewives of Orange County was not one of the best. Although I would say it was an improvement from the previous year, the season was still a bit of a snoozer. Not much happened, other than Gina Kirschenheiter age shaming the other women and Shannon Beador testing QVC frozen meals in her kitchen. Even Tamra Judge was on mostly good behavior. Except for injuring herself in a drunken, nude hot tub escapade!

And one of the consistent creators of OC drama spent last season minding her manners. The Vicki Gunvalson we have come to know and love (or loathe!) was drama avoidant and almost demure the entire season. OK, she might have twerked in a see-through black lace outfit in public and got intoxicated a few times, but for the Queen of Coto de Caza, she was almost nun-like. And reportedly, Bravo is not happy about it.

According to an unconfirmed Radar Online source, Vicki might be demoted to “Friend of” status if she doesn’t deliver a better storyline next season. One related to her often expressed desire to become the fiancee of her boyfriend Steve Lodge. According to the source, “No matter how much partying Vicki does, without an engagement from Steve on camera she doesn’t have a storyline and she isn’t going to be a full-time housewife.”

Could this be true? It seems a little far-fetched, but stranger things have happened. The source also revealed, “Vicki is trying so hard this season. She’s whooping it up as much as she can. She never has an off day and is up for anything that gets thrown her way.” Now that I could believe. The OG of the OC loves to whoop it up-which usually involves alcohol, screeching and occasional incontinence.

Last season, Vicki admitted that Steve was not always a fan of her wild sorority girl antics and admitted that she was trying to behave a little more appropriately. Like the middle-aged grandmother she is. And unfortunately, a well-behaved Vicki is not very interesting. As viewers painfully saw last season.

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Allegedly, what happens during filming will make or break Vicki’s fulltime Housewife status. The insider shared with Radar Online that, “Bravo execs are waiting to see what she delivers.” And selling insurance, serving as the club promoter for Andale in Puerto Vallarta and wearing clothing two sizes too small might not do the trick for Bravo this season. As Vicki is the self-proclaimed founder of the Real Housewives franchise, her supposedly shaky cast status would not sit well with her.

The source further stated, “They’re hoping that she will get engaged at the end of the season, but if she doesn’t that pretty much guarantees that she isn’t going to be a full-time housewife.” Well, we all know how well an engagement storyline with Slade Smiley worked for Gretchen Rossi’s Housewife status!

For her part, Vicki has been clear that she would like a proposal from her man. And she seems willing to take it any way it comes. However, the Radar source also claims, “Steve can’t propose off camera. It needs to be on film and it needs to be dramatic.” If that is true, Vicki’s OG status could in jeopardy! Dramatic is not a word I would use to describe low-key Steve. He often seems a little embarrassed by his attention-seeking lady. OK-a lot embarrassed!

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So, will Vicki get an on-camera proposal from Steve? If I was Vicki, I wouldn’t take an insurance policy out on my future husband just yet. If Steve ever does propose, I have the feeling he will do it when he wants and how he wants. With or without cameras. And hopefully, he will remember to bring noise canceling headphones along with him!


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