It is impossible not to speculate about how Married At First Sight’s Kate Sisk was matched with Luke Cuccurullo. When Kate walked down the aisle, beaming with hope, Luke looked terrified. They said their vows, but major red flags were raised at the reception. Even though their guests were clinking glasses so that the strangers newlyweds would kiss, Luke refused to kiss his bride. Kate should have just busted out the divorce papers then.

During their marriage, Luke repeatedly told the experts that Kate drinks too much. Well, if I was in that marriage, I would be drinking, too. He kept telling Kate that he was attracted to her, but also told her that he felt “repulsed” by her. Kate finally revealed a big secret to Dr. Pepper Schwartz: the couple had been having secret sex since the wedding. Luke told Kate not to tell the experts. Shockingly, this couple opted to divorce.

At the Married At First Sight reunion, Luke was asked by the host why he had sex with Kate if he wasn’t attracted to her. Luke claimed that Kate pressured him for sex during the honeymoon. Really, Luke? Afterward, Luke started to act strangely and asked his new wife if she thought he was a homosexual.

When Kate revealed at the reunion that she had a new boyfriend, the Married At First Sight fans were thrilled. If anyone deserves happiness after this train wreck of an experiment, it is Kate. But sadly, according to an article from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Kate is single once again.

The reunion host, Kevin Frazier, tweeted, “Heard from Kate today, she is doing fine but is no longer with the new boyfriend. They are friends but were not compatible for long term. Kate’s enjoying single life & focused on her new business. Oh and not even thinking about Luke.”

In a previous interview with The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Kate admitted that her husband was not treating her well. “I agree Luke was treating me poorly, absolutely. I felt bullied,” Kate said. “But, I believed the best way to handle it was to be patient, and figure out why Luke was bullying me, and to not let his actions deter me from treating my husband with grace and kindness.”

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So how did Luke and Kate get matched up? As in, who is to blame for this scary nightmare? Pastor Calvin Roberson, who is one of the experts, stated that the matchmakers were also fooled by Luke.

“Okay, The Luke on the show was NOT the one we interviewed and vetted. No one could have seen this. Not even the fans,” Pastor Roberson tweeted. “However, Kate wanted to make it work. This isn’t Survivor. We couldn’t vote her out of the marriage, if she wanted to stay. But thx for the concern.”

I think we can all agree that Kate is much better off without Luke and his mind games. Hopefully, she will find a respectful and loving partner in the future.

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