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Lisa Rinna Spends Almost $2,000 On Her Skin Care Routine

Every Real Housewives fan knows that elaborate beauty routines are a staple of many of the ladies’ lives. Over the years we have watched the women experiment with lasers, cryotherapy, acid peels, fillers and more.  And the Housewives have probably injected enough Botox to fill a Beverly Hills swimming pool! When all the basic treatments are not enough to hold back the hands of time, fortunately, there are always the more heavy duty interventions-facelifts, eyelifts, rhinoplasty and chin implants have all been on the cosmetic menu for the cast members.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Lisa Rinna has always been upfront that she wants to look her best for as long as she can. We have watched her undergo vitamin drips, facials, waxing, and infrared bed therapies. So, you might wonder, just how much does it cost to look like Lisa? She recently shared her skin care routine expenses-and it is safe to say that she spends a little more than the average American woman!

A Page Six article spilled the details of the skin care routine that Lisa recently shared on her Instagram Stories. Lisa revealed that she uses a whopping sixteen beauty products to maintain her dewy glow of youth! Among them are a $300 hyaluronic serum, a $160 face mask (probably more expensive when you have two faces to mask!) and a $215 face cream. Plus a $66 exfoliating mask and a $95 retinol treatment. All told, the products Lisa regularly uses total almost $2,000.

What would a Housewife be without an elaborate beauty regimen? Lisa’s co-stars Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley are also upfront about the lengths they go to maintain their looks. And Erika Jayne has stated that it costs upwards of $40,000 a month (garish clothes and sycophants included!) to maintain her glamorous image.

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So, maybe Lisa’s routine isn’t so over the top, especially in status conscious Beverly Hills. Regarding all the products she uses, Lisa stated on her Instagram Story, “It’s not an ad, just my skin and haircare essentials.” Essentially, she has a lot of essentials!

The list of beauty products Lisa uses also contained some products that might have questionable value for her. A $250 calming serum is a product she uses-does it guarantee calmness? If I was Lisa, I might ask for my money back as she is anything but calm! And just how long does a $55 lip balm last on her very plumped lips? Cherry Chapstick might be a better value. On the other hand, the $106 high maintenance cream she uses is probably a bargain, as Lisa is very high maintenance!

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Lisa’s best line of defense against aging is probably genetics. Her mother Lois Rinna is in her early 90’s and looks fantastic. And the bright lights and filters used in Bravo filming are also helpful, I am sure. Unfortunately, they don’t carry over to real life. And explaining to an overzealous fan at the grocery store why you look better on television has to be embarrassing. Which is probably why Lisa needs $2,000 worth of potions, elixirs, and spackle to look her best.

Does anyone really need all of these products? Do they really work? Does Harry Hamlin even notice the difference? Who knows. Would Lisa be better off spending some of this money on a desperately needed kitchen remodel? Maybe. But image is everything in Beverly Hills-and $2,000 for a beauty routine is probably money that hustler Lisa considers well-spent.

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