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Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Does Not Think Lisa Rinna’s Birthday Tweet To Lisa Vanderpump Was Meant To Be Malicious

Wasn’t last night’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills a great episode? Although last week’s dramatic fight between Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards still lingered in the air, it was nice to have a show that was a little more low-key. You can’t have high drama each week-or you would never appreciate it when the good stuff actually happens!

For the ladies, it was all about celebrating. Lisa was the guest of honor at her own birthday party, with Denise Richards as the only invited Housewife guest. Most of the other ladies were at a get together at Beauty & Essex for Denise’s recent wedding-a post bachelorette shower, if you will. And Lisa Rinna tried to do damage control regarding an insensitive tweet she sent out to LVP for her birthday. Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave believes that the tweet was all an innocent mistake-but was it?

In her Bravo blog this week, Teddi shares her thoughts on Rinna’s birthday tweet to LVP. Teddi writes, “Speaking with Rinna before the ladies arrived, I’m glad she got to explain her birthday cupcake tweet to LVP. I totally do not think Rinna meant anything malicious by sending LVP that meme as pills have been a part of Rinna’s thing for years-she had the pill pants on at the charity ride last week!”

In her tweet to LVP, Rinna had wished her a belated happy birthday with a picture of cupcakes decorated with pills. As LVP’s brother had died several months earlier by a reported drug overdose, the tweet was considered by many to be in poor taste. And let’s be honest-poor taste is one of Rinna’s most notorious character traits.

In talking with Teddi, Rinna declared her innocence, claiming she would never send such an ill-intentioned tweet as her own sister died from a drug overdose. But would she? Let’s hope not, but Rinna spent several seasons chasing the obviously troubled Kim Richards around like a deranged substance abuse counselor, so her sensitivity to such matters is a bit suspect.

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Teddi backs up Rinna’s claims by stating, “Rinna has had her own family issues with this, and I do not believe she would in any way make a mockery of it.” But Rinna has been known to make a mockery of situations before, including alleging that hubby Harry Hamlin’s ex-wife Nicollette Sheridan dumped him for Michael Bolton. And making fun of people who celebrate Lent. And…well, you get the picture.

If Rinna’s tweet to LVP was malicious in intent, it would be a new low-even for her. I will give her the benefit of the doubt in this situation, as I find it hard to believe any decent human being would do such a thing. Even one with an odd sense of humor like Rinna, who slaps her leg and cackles like a life-sized, animated Party City Halloween witch every time she makes a joke.

In her blog, Teddi also addresses Camille Grammer’s strange rant about LVP.  She says, “Once the rest of the women arrive at Beauty & Essex, it’s not long before Camille is on a roll. Half a cocktail and out of nowhere she goes too far about LVP (you don’t even see the worst of it). As I say in my talking head, it was next level. I don’t know how you can come back from that.”

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Teddi has a point. Camille just started in on LVP like she had been saving up her animosity towards her for years. Like since Season 1? It sure seemed that Season 1 Camille was back in the house last night-the “says whatever is on her mind Camille.” The Camille who seemed to disappear after Season 1 and was much more careful in her comments.

In wrapping up, Teddi also teases that the LVP vs. Kyle feud is not the only drama between the ladies this season. She writes, “I would just say let’s remember this dinner for when Camille starts coming after someone else for being a mean girl (as we saw in the season trailer).” Who could Teddi mean? Is she talking about herself, as she has been a bit-shall we say-nasty this season? Or is it Dorit Kemsley, whom Camille has had difficulty in hiding her disdain for the last few seasons? Perhaps perennial pot-stirrer Rinna?

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The rest of the season should be interesting. Watching the Kyle and LVP drama play out will hopefully give us answers to some of the questions we have about their friendship. And finding out who Camille targets as the mean girl will take us down memory lane with a Camille who had no filter. In other words, a Camille who wasn’t always very nice, but was a whole lot more interesting.


[Photo Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo]