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Kyle Richards Says “Show Must Go On” If Lisa Vanderpump Leaves Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

“Puppy gate” has cast a dark shadow on this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It has dominated the storylines and fractured Lisa Vanderpump’s relationships with most of her cast members. Most notably Lisa’s friendship with former bestie Kyle Richards. Lisa famously declared, “I think I’ve taken enough crap from Kyle Richards,” before throwing her out of Villa Rosa.

Understandably, this has taken a toll on Lisa. She recently admitted that she started taking anti-depressants in order to cope with the fallout.  That included, of course, the death of Lisa’s only sibling last year from a drug overdose. It has been unclear all season why the other cast members have ganged up on Lisa.  Lisa will have any interest in returning next season?

According to an article from E! NewsKyle shared how she really feels about Lisa’s possible departure from the Real Housewives franchise. During an appearance on E! News Daily Pop, Kyle said, “I always wanted to do the show with Lisa. We had fun together. But I think if she doesn’t want to do it, then the show must go on.”

Kyle added, “We’ve been doing it and the people are loving it and the ratings are really high.” I guess Kyle has no regrets about the way things went down since the ratings are high. That’s called Beverly Hills’ justice.

Kyle admitted that she “would love to always do the show with Lisa.” When asked about the possibility of Lisa leaving the franchise, Kyle remarked, “What can we do?”

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“We gotta move on,” Kyle told the hosts with a laugh. Although, Kyle doesn’t think this is the last that she and the cast will see of Lisa. When asked if she thought Lisa would show up for the Season 9 reunion, Kyle said, “I think she will.”

Even though Kyle said, “None of us like the reunion,” she still thought Lisa would attend. “No matter what, none of us like going. It’s torture. It’s like getting ready to go into the boxing ring the next day. It’s just an emotional torture all day, but I think [Lisa] will [show up].”

Regardless of what happens, Kyle said there is “Always room for repair.”

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“Honestly, I think that if you have a deep enough friendship and you care enough about someone, there’s always room for repair,” Kyle explained. “That’s how I feel, but I can’t speak for Lisa, though.”

Would Lisa leave the show? It’s hard to imagine she’ll come back when she’s felt ganged up on all season long. It’s also hard to imagine watching RHOBH without Lisa. That would be a very big throne for Bravo to fill.

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